Which CCD profile to backup SD3.x?

Hi guys,

could someone plz tell me which profile works best?

I’m using ccd4202 & LTR-48125S under W98SE.

tnx to all


Safedisc > 2.8x is hit or miss with CCD4.2.0.2 + Lite-on drive.
–profile to use is Safedisc 2.51+ and dont use AWS because your burner should be able to handle them

Try CCD + Fireburner combo.
–remember to tick off creating a .cue file to inherit in Fireburner later on

Or DDump + Fireburner combo

Or get DiscJuggler and try it in trial mode.
Directions for DJ

Try those and post results.
P.S. - What game are you attempting to back-up?

your burner shud be fine with latest A120 and all v sd

no need for aws option

if playing back in a burner use latest A120 to ignore media type

clonecds hide cdr does not work very well on recent sd v

Forgot to mention, the CCD Virtual Drive is most likely blacklisted.

The Hide CDR has no problems and most people confuse this because they forget they installed Virtual Drive.

A simple uninstall wont rid the system of certain Virtual Drive files you must manually delete these because the protection scheme checks for them as well.

hiding atip is funny business some peeps have probs with A120 hide atip others have probs with clonecds

I dont really bother much with clonecd, its still well behind in production, I never use the CCD v-drive its was allways pretty useless in comparison to D-tools

How ever todays V-drives can allways be blacked by tomorrows new game or game update. often with Safedisk if this is the case any virtual drives need to be set to zero even for an original to playback.

Hello and thank you for your feedback guys.

The game I was trying to backup was Call of Duty (SD3.1.x), but my question regarding profiles is more general to cover all my future SD3.x backup needs.

I tried CCD and if I recall correctly I used the SD2.9 profile…installation worked but the game would not start unless I used the original CD and enabled “Show CDR” in CCD.

So you mean SD2.9 profile is not as appropriate as SD2.51+, for SD3.x disks?

Please see here

I tried the CD i made with DDump & Fireburner and it works perfectly on another PC which has only one old CDROM and no burning/emulating software installed.

So I can verify that for my setup at least, the VD is not blacklisted. The “hide cdr” needs to be in “show cdr” instead to work…even for the original disk. (remember VD is still enabled on my system)

The new working CD, apparently does not work on my system, because of this need to have “show CDR” enabled…as this apparently informs the game that the cd in the drive is a copy (makes sense).