Which burning speed it's correct, the slowest or the adequate



Hi, I have a doubt since so many time ago.

I have read that about burning, the slower the better it’s the way. However, I also read that with newer burners it’s better to burn at the adequate speed, which sometimes it’s the fastest possible. By saying the adequate I mean not burn at higher speed than the media have marked and you burner it’s capable.
Well, that’s mostly about console optical drives.

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Hi :slight_smile:
In answer to the question of speed / quality. There are several things to take into consideration,
:1st the dive :2nd the media :3rd the compatability of the two
For example I have found that generally most drive’s with hi-grade media will function fine at 16x. Dropping to 12x sometimes saw on improvement on quality. However at 8x or less the quality was often lower.
This is what I found using (A) Plextor 716a (B) Nec 3540a © LG 4163b drive’s, & the following media Ritek GO4, Verbatim MCC, Infiniti CMC.
So for me I use the maximum speed for general backup (16x) & (12x) for reference as the burn is marginally cleaner/deeper.
However this is ever changing with f/w upgrades & changes to the type of dye used media.
So put simply experiment & what work’s for you stick with.


I would worry that constantly burning x8 media at twice the rated speed would be better for quality/longevity - otherwise manufacturers would be marketing world firsts of x16 media - as at least one is doing (thought I read this a while back).


Hi :slight_smile:
I should have mentioned that all my media is 16x
The drives & f/w are set to make the most out of the latest media (whilst being backward compatible )


Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

I have a LG GSA-4160B, which burns at 16x max, but I only found 8x media (Verbatim MCC) up to burn at 12x with my current firmware. So burn at 12x won’t be necessary worse but perhaps better, isn’t it? I’ll make my own tests, thank you :wink:


You can easily determine this with a stack of blanks (all the same). My cd writer is a 52x… I made an image of random stuff 700 MB in size… then disk at once’d it at 52x, 48x, 40x, 32x and because I felt like it, I kept on going to lower speeds.

Then I did a Kprobe scan of the burned images I did, the best quality scans was at 40x. Lower was not better.

Therefore for that media (Fujifilm TY) 40x was the sweet spot for my burner.

You have to do the same test on whatever media/drive you’re using. And the sweet spot usually isn’t the highest speed or the lowest the drive can support.


Very interesting, I should try what you said, thank you for your help :slight_smile: