Which burning speed for TYG02 DVD-R 8x



Just a question, I have bought TYG02 spindle DVD-R at 8X and want to know which burning speed is best to use to have good quality disc (Low PI Failure)

Actually I burned all my disc at maximum speed (8x) and I have some bad scan with high spikes, Which speed did you use to have good scans???

My burner is LG4163B firmware 1.03. Any experience with similar specs will be appreciated…



Update your firmware, I believe A106 is the newest version. 8x should give excellent results with this media, if you don’t get excellent results at 8x with updated firmware, it may be a bad batch.


There’s another thread here about the LG4163B & TYG02 giving bad burns. Theyre bad on mine so I burn with my Benq.


Actually A103 Firmware gives me the best TYG02 burns at 8x


With what drive do you scan your media? At what speed? Can you post a scan? :slight_smile:


Have been burning TYG02 at 8x on my 4163B with A104-A106. Excellent burn quality in scans. No high PIF or PIE spikes at all.


G02 burned on 4163, A105 at 8x:
they all look like this, or better.


Yeh, this is what I’m used to see for TYG02 burnt in the 4163B. That’s a great combination.

[B]slalanc01[/B]'s “high spikes” can be only either from bad batch, or fake media, or defective burner or, as implied in my previous question, a looney scanning drive…