Which burning software

Hi guys
For those of you that have read my other thread, i am still an idiot!! Thanks for the advice that was posted though.

Just to bring you up to date and give you a laugh i thought i’d let you know how far i’ve got with my dvd backing up!!

Well after getting the necessary software for doing backing up (DVDdecrypt, DVD shrink 3.2 and movie clone) To my eternal shame i realised that i didn’t have a dvd burner just a dvd reader which came with the machine! (You may laugh but i have to live with it!)
Anyhow after a trip to the shop i now have a RICOH dvd burner which i put in myself with no problems i may add!

So i am now into my next stage which is why i want the advice.

I only have the nero software that was bundled with the cd drive that came withe the machine, but i had InterVideo WinDVD Recorder, dvd creator, dvd copy and disc master which came with the drive. All i want to know is, is it worth me buying nero 6 or sticking with this interVideo software as they both seem to do the same thing on the face of it.

Advice would be apprerciated but i’ll still cock it up i suppose


the software/s you listed is pretty basic, especially intervideo discmaster [ i have used it in the past ], but if you find they do the job then that’s all that matters. use them until you find one day that they wont do a particular task then look around for something else if needed, but you should be fine with those apps