Which Burning Software

I have just ordered a Plextor PX-712A, which comes with Nero 6. Reading the Nero forum it seems that there are loads of problems with this software. If it is so bad, what software would people recommend, or are they all as bad as each other?


If Your Nero 6 is a Full version U can update it via Nero’s Site…The Newest version seems to work ok…Unless someone knows different…

With a plextor drive use plextools. In addition use copytodvd by vso software. Not bloatware. These 2 let me burn all types of files ( including video ) to all types and brands of media with no problems. Make sure you never install the junkware like roxio, nero etc. or use a registry editor to completely remove them.

I was about to post same question as digicammad,
wht is nero junkware ?
or nero is good just for burning cd’s ?

I agree use copytodvd works best for me.