Which burning software will be best for these situations?

Hi all,

I have been out of the loop for about 2 years but I am ready to jump back into all this and I need some help. (Man has this site grown!!!) I have spent a lot of time reading many, many threads but I still have some questions. This is what I want to do:
1)Make back ups for my games such as the 5 disc CD game F.E.A.R.(securom I think) and CS Condition Zero and Doom3 as some examples. So I will be dealing with different copy protections.
2)Make backups of some of my music CD’s that are getting beatup/scratched in my car but they have that “FBI” label on the back and I hear they are tough to back up.
3)I have a hand full of my favorite original DVD movies that I want to backup.

This is what I have:
Clone CD & RipIt4Me
Lite-on LTR32123S with F/W XSOF & LTR52327(52x32x52)
Samsung CD-R/RW SW-240B & DVD-ROM SD-616T

OS = XP Pro with a AMD Athlon XP 3000+ at 2.17GHz with 768 MB of RAM

I am also in the market for a DVD burner, how is the SONY DRU820A?
Will that SONY DRU820A along with my other 4 drives and updated or new software be able to back up my games, music and DVD’s for reading and burning?

What will be the best software for these different needs and are any of them freeware? Steer me to any links/threads that I will need. Also I was not able to find much help on how to backup the music CD’s.

I know that this thread crosses over into several different forums and if you need to drop it into a different forum or forums, so be it, but I felt that the software forum would be a good place to start and the mods here are really good. Thanks in advance for all the help. Be burning soon after 2 long years!!! :cool:


I can’t comment on game backup, but software you want for CDs and DVDS would be AnyDVD and CloneDVD, both from Slysoft. With CloneCD, you will have all you need to backup you music and your films. You might want to get DVDDecrypter as well if you want to rip before you burn but it is not necessary.

Your current CD drives should be fine for your CDs. For DVDs I would add a Pioneer 111D and get the 8.26 111L firmware. http://tdb.rpc1.org/

To get current on games spend some time in their forum and that should bring you up to speed. I just never do it.

i use that but still cant copy sony dvd’s right, they come up with dir commentary

then make sure you’re including the correct audio tracks in clonedvd, if you’ve included the correct tracks either select the correct audio track from the dvd menu in your dv dplayer os use the “sudio” button on your remore to scroll through the available audio selections.

a search for “director’s commentary” in the clonedvd forum woudl have quiakly turned this up. it is not a program problem, it is user error.

cloneDVD and cloneCD work great but due to some legal issues later versions do not install the ability to copy some protected disks if it detects your computer is in the USA. What I did was to change my PC to English (Zimbabwe) installed the software and then set the PC back to English USA. To change your country go to the “control panel” then to “region and language options”.

Hope this helps.

I remember reading about that problem like 6 years ago. I have not seen any difficulties with either of the programs you mention. Useful to know though, if it ever comes up.

I just had that problem last month and I have used these programs for years. Maybe I got an older release by accident when I downloaded but pretty sure it was the latest.

Like you said good to know I did not at the time took me quite a while to figure it out.

Maybe yours was from Elby and mine was from Slysoft?

For CDs I use either Alcohol 120% or BlindWrite.

For DVDs I use AnyDVD with ImgBurn or if it is a DVD9 I use DVD Rebuilder Pro.