Which Burning Software do you use



I’m about to get a DVD burner… narrowed down to Ben Q 1640 or 1620, NEC 3540, or LiteOn 1693s.

I’m a CloneCD guy from way back, but it seems they have competition now…I found a DVD software review site that has “1 Click DVD Copy” and “DVDX Platinum” both ranked #1 for features and performance, followed by “DVD Wizard Pro”, with “Clone DVD” ranked 7th!!

How do you all feel about these rankings? I don’t know if this site is totally objective, or is somehow influenced by any particular vendors…

Here’s the link to their site:

Any input to help me with my decision about which burner and burning program to get will be appreciated



For DVD-Video, nothing beats DVDDecrypter (free). It only burns ISOs, but it’s dead simple and reliable. (It’s also the best ripper available. In case you don’t already have it, get DVDShrink as well.) Many other video apps offer the option to output to ISO, so you’re usually good to go with just that. But should you need to create an ISO, there’s IMGTools (also free). I have found that if your DVD files are incorrectly authored, IMGTools will often tell you and refuse to continue. That can be useful. :wink:

For everything else, take your pick, Nero, Record Now, Prassi (I’d recommend that one). Good luck. :slight_smile:

BTW, I have a BenQ 1620 and have been satisfied with it.


I would recommend NOT buying DVD X Copy or 1 Click DVD Copy. If you want a good 1 click tool (well, maybe a few more than just one) try CloneDVD2 or DVDCopy3.


thx guys…

Just bought BenQ 1640 today from NCIX (Canada)…and some TY dvd-r media…


Ok, your question is very loaded.

I use a half-dozen different apps depending on what I want to do.

Nero is a good, general-purpose burning app. However, if you want FREE or CHEAP there are other apps that do everything Nero does.

For ripping and also for burning image files, DVD Decrypter is still tops.

For transcoding, DVD Shrink is free, Nero Recode is a more advanced version of DVD Shrink (same author, only he works for Ahead now), or CloneDVD is good if you like Elby/Slysoft’s style.

For ripping DVD’s, DVD Decrypter was/is king, but is no longer being produced so you may want to consider AnyDVD from SlySoft (although it costs money).

What I personally use:

CopyToDVD/CopyToCD: For burning a VIDEO_TS folder into a video DVD, or for just taking a pre-built folder and dumping it immediately to CD/DVD. It can do more, but that’s my primary use for it.

DVD Decrypter: For burning ISOs.

Nero: General purpose data backups, some ISO formats that DVDDecrypter doesn’t do.

Shrink/Recode: Quick transcodes.

DVD Rebuilder+CCE: Better re-encodes.

Software I’m looking at:

Prassi: They used to make RecordNow, but now they have a newer and better burning engine. I forget the name of their new software but it’s on my “download it and try it out” list.

Software I will NEVER USE:

Roxio: Never never never never NEVER NEVER NEEEEVVVVEEEER!
InCD: No packet-writing software shall ever defile the sanctity of my PC. Not gonna happen.
DVD X-Anything: Shitware even when it was being developed. Now sued into nonexistance but the affiliates still pimp it.
1-Shit DVD Crappy: Name says it all.


I personally have found that there are limits with 1-click transcoders and most don’t have that good of video quality. The only programs I use are as follows:

DVD Decrypter: Still king in my book for ripping, also great for PS2 games
AnyDVD: I have it enabled 24/7, never had a problem with any copy protection since
DVD Rebuilder/CCE Basic: Best for transcoding/compressing
Nero: Best all-around burning app I’ve found, didn’t like it at first but eventually came around
DVD Lab Pro: for converting MPEG to DVD, great for making menus too.
Still messing with conversion tools for AVI to DVD, haven’t picked a particular one as a best though

Programs that are good but I don’t use because I’ve found better:
DVD Shrink
DVD Copy 3

Programs that just plain suck:
DVD X Copy (most people who purchased this feel ripped off after finding DVD Shrink)
ratDVD: Haven’t used it, but what’s the point of it really?
any packet writing software (comes with Nero, Roxio, and Sonic)-they all suck big time


Squizzle, I agree with all of your “best of” programs, but:

Honestly, if you only need to squish something 10% in order to get it onto the disc, why go through the headache of re-encoding? And actually at very light compressions, transcoding will PROBABLY produce superior results anyway. I still use Shrink if I can trim down a DVD to around 5-ish gigs with VOBBlanker.

Programs that just plain suck:
ratDVD: Haven’t used it, but what’s the point of it really?

Actually, ratDVD is intriguing. It’s MOSTLY useful for either pirating movies OR squishing up your entire collection onto your 600GB hard drive.

But to be able to take an entire DVD, WITH navigation structure, and compress it to a fraction of the size with minimal quality loss… the quality is equivalent to a very good XVID encode, which isn’t too shabby. You can take most DVD’s, rat them, then unrat them and burn… and only suffer a marginal quality loss. That’s pretty spiffy!


at the risk of sounding like I been under a rock, I haven’t yet read a good explanation for the passionate opinions against Roxio…not that I want to use it or know anything on it (so please pelt me not with stones!! LOL)
I got it w/ my wife’s Plextor 708A but never installed or used it…and it seems I avoided nothing great, plus avoided lots of nightmares?? conflicts? lockups?
Just curious to know the real about Roxio!! LOL


I think Roxio is the best and prefer it over Nero. It always does what I want and I have never had any problems with it. You can read a review by Dee-27 and Womble here.