Which Burning / Recode software?

Hello all…

Sorry for this question, im not new to the PC world or ripping / burning etc but I am out of date!!

Ive just loaded up and am now running Windows 7, previously I was running XP and would duplicate my films and use my Epson R300 to print on my duplicated ice top discs. Since going to Windows 7 I can use my epson still which is good and it accepts the Epson Print Cd software so I can continue to print onto my printable dvd-r’s. I dont want to load up all my old software from here, as you will see below its out of date!!

Previous software setup:
Dvd Dycrypter - Ripping
Nero Recode for shrinking if required
Dvd Img Tool for creating images from Video_TS files
Nero 6.6 for burning images (or Dycrypter) and also this Nero package gave me the Dvd cover print facility.

I know this is all out of date and sooner or later Im going to hit a wall with new encryptions etc that these tools will not handle - understandable!

So the question is, please could someone advise what my options are and recommendations on which software to complete the above tasks. I would like to stay with Nero but reading through the forum I see not many people recommend anymore. My old recode took about 40mins to shrink a film, Ive not got a slow pc but guessing the software is just out of date!

Thanks all…

Here are a list of free tools which will get you up to date:

[B]DVDFab HD Decrypter[/B]. Use this for decryption/ripping. It is the free section within DVDFab and will continue to function even after the trial for the main part of DVDFab expires. Found here: http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm

[B]DVDShrink[/B] An oldie, but still great for reducing the size of a movie to fit onto a blank dvd. I’ve always preferred it to Nero Recode. Just click on the word DVDShrink, and it will take you to the download here at cdfreaks.

[B]ImgBurn [/B] The updated burning engine from DVDDecrypter, it can make ISO files for you and burn darn near anything you want. It has replaced Nero as a burning program for me. Found here: www.imgburn.com

And here are the guides to using ImgBurn: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showforum=4

One other tool you might be interested in is DVDRebuilder. It is used to reencode movies to fit smaller sized blank dvds, but does so with a higher quality output than transcoders like DVDShrink or Nero Recode or DVDFab. The only trade-off is that it takes longer to work. There is a free version available: http://dvd-rb.dvd2go.org/ Use the HC encoder that is included, and you will get excellent results.

THANK YOU very much for the information, much appreciated, all installed great so will go through them and see how things go!

Thanks again!