Which burning program generates standard compliant UDF filesystem?

Hello everybody.

I want to burn files with a very long names. Obviously, ISO filesystem is not suitable for that purpose (32 chars max), and Joilet is often not enough either. So it seems that UDF is the way to go, but I am somewhat confused about which program generates standard-compliant UDF filesystem.

I tried 3 programs for UDF image generation:

  1. Nero. Allows filenames up to 127 chars. A total length of a path is restricted to ~245 chars - seems like Windows’ restriction, though.

  2. mkudffs (Linux). Allows filenames up to 254 chars. Unlimited total path length (unreadable under Windows if exeeds ~245 chars)

  3. mkisofs (Linux). Filenames can be longer that in Nero, but there is a total path length restriction like in Windows (even under Linux).

The question is, what is really compliant, which program can I use if I want to be sure that my DVDs would be readable a couple years from now - official UDF specs don’t say anything explicitly about UDF’s restrictions (that is, I couldn’t find that info there)…