Which Burners to Keep?

hello everyone

i have 4 dvd dual layer burners

  1. Mad Dog MegaStor 7 in 1 16X DVD + R + RW
  2. HP DVD 640i Dual Layer Light Scribe 16X
  3. Memorex 16X Dual Format Double Layer
  4. Plextor PX- 716A 16X Dual Layer (Just Bought)

now i only have two slots for two burners in my computer (Only two Months old) i want to keep the Plextor so which of the other three is the better quality and the best to keep. sorry if i put this in the wrong section but i am looking to sell these in the next day or two. take care everyone!!

Sell them all off and get a new gfx card

buy some USB2/FW external cases and keep all of them…or build another PC and use them in that one…

So, can we figure out what they are based on?

  1. Mad Dog and NEC seem to go together a lot
  2. A Lightscribe, is this a Benq rebrand?
  3. Memorex- it seems there are Liteon and NEC based models in their lineup
  4. Plextor, but is this the “real” Plextor, or the Benq rebrand - I think this is still a real Plextor - but why buy another drive, especially a Plextor, with their bad attitude toward software that competes with Plextools pro.

I guess the obvious choice would be the Plextor, and the lightscribe one if you can be bothered getting hold of LS media and putting up with a B/W printing time that an Inket would be ashamed of