Which burners are LightScribe v1.2?


Can you guys list the burners that are LightScribe v1.2…

So far as I know, HP is the only company selling Burners with the v1.2 specifications listed in the specifications of the drives. They are model numbers::
DVD1040e (External)
DVD1040i (Internal)

I can’t find many reviews on the two except on NewEgg on the DVD1040i in which there are only 7 user reviews and they are split download the middle.

I am considering purchasing one of these two drives solely based on the fact that they are marketed as v1.2 of the LightScribe technology

Any input on this subject (the two drives mentioned above or the v1.2 technology in general or found in other drives) would be a great addition to the forums.

I really don’t want the thread to stray off on printing with ink nor a comparison of the two. I have an ip4300 printer. I also want a LightScribe drive with the newest technology.

I would mention that I will be burning CD-R’s and also copying and burning DVD’s. DVD-R’s are my preferred media for DVD’s