Which burner?

Hello. First post here.

I’m looking into getting my first DVD burner. Actually, I’m looking into which burner to tell my wife to get me for Christmas. I’m not worried about the price. I plan on putting an internal burner in an enclosure for use with my laptop. I’d like the best overall burner to make movie and game backups, video transfers, and whatever else comes up. Lightscribe I could take or leave. The biggest thing is reliable burns.

I’m looking at:

Sony DRU-830A
Samsung SH-S182

I plan on installing it into a Manpower KC51C1 enclosure unless there is a better suggestion for an enclosure.

What does the forum suggest? Any other burners that would be better?

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I have a NEC 3550A that I’ve had for a year and have burned around 150 movies without a single problem…barring a recent software problem. You can see it here.

I think you should add the latest Liteons to the list & drop the Sony as that’ll only be a rebadge.

Haven’t Lite-Ons been having some issues lately? Why would you pick the Samsung over the Sony?

The Samsung’s a brilliant drive :iagree: - and I don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t noticed any issues with LiteOn recently?

Welcome to the forum, BTW!

Your asking the same question I registered to ask, so I’ll piggyback this thread instead of wasting space with a new one.

You own both the drives I am considering, Lite-On SHM-165P6S and Samsung SH-S182D. While the Samsung has some more impressive specs, the Lite-On may be more widely used for a longer period of time and have a more firm reputation (or so the best of my research ability tells me).

I’m looking for reliable DVD +/- R data backup (DL and SL), and some PC video game backup (although not nearly as important as data backup). Also important is how forgiving a drive is of cheap media (Dynex 16x SL DVD-R, atm), as I’m constantly in need of burning less important things as well (CD and DVD). [I always burn the cheap discs at lower speed]

Really I’m just hoping someone can affirm the Samsung as a top notch choice in terms of reliability (I hope you weren’t just reffering to speed). I really like Samsung as a company but I just haven’t been able to find enough word of mouth information on the consistant quality of burn on this particular drive.

I hope someone can vouch for this drive’s reliability.



Just to add my two pence worth - I think that one should consider the LiteOn 160P6s and 165 P or H 6s - the Pioneer 111d and any current LG available to them-

If you want Disc Quality Scanning ability - then stick with the LiteOns (of which I have both - and am very satisified with both of 'em)-eh!

As far as the Sammys go - well there just isn’t enough users to get a clear reading on this one (and I own the 182m) so I would recommend the ole ‘wait and see’ tactic for this one-eh!

The Lite-On 160/165 series seems to be pretty top-notch. I got one, totally dig it. It’s more read-compatible than my BenQ’s, and rip and burn quality seem very good.

I’m pondering getting a second one.

Do the LiteOns have any problems with different media? Which 165 model comes with Lightscribe?

Since I’ll be using an external enclosure with USB or Firewire, is it even worth getting an 18x burner? Can either interface support the higher speed?

1655 will have lightscribe, external I dont know it it get you to 18x, in my experience nothing beat benq 1640/1655 combo

The 165H6S has Lightscribe - that’s the one I have.

Works great with everything I throw at it, but I do prefer Verbatim DVD’s.


You are absolutely correct - however they have disappeared and there are few if none in the supply lines-eh!

not if you have two of each in the closet

Plus, the 160/165 series - a couple of models read / write DVD-RAM.

I like my BenQ’s but they don’t read some of the Disks that the Lite-On does, including the DVD-RW’s produced by my Panasonic DVR. Without sufficient firmware development, I would not buy another BenQ as opposed to the new Lite-On 160/165 series.

So I guess I should tell my wife not to get the Sony and tell her to get the Lite On 165. Is that the consensus?


Ya won’t go wrong and ya should save some money in the process-eh!

is lighton 160/165 really pass the benq 1640/50/55 ?

I follow on here in the past that pioneer111D was a good burner but it was kick in the A-- by benq 1640 by a mile

Now for the enclosure. Is the one I picked gonna do the trick, or is there something else I should be setting my sights on?

Comp USA they should have few Benq 1640/50/55 left, they can’t burn 18x, but 8x for any media you throw on even through the firmware is old

As folk have said, I’d wait on the Sammy til it’s been around a bit longer - although no, I wasn’t referring to speed - I like it so far 'cos it’s burned everything I’ve thrown at it well, from mid-range media to the good stuff.

At the moment, if you want something that’s proven to be good, go for LiteOn 6S drives.

Ask me about the Sammy in 6 months :bigsmile: