Which Burner?

I dont burn alot so lookin for an easy to use cheap burner thanks

You posted identical links

I like the burner though, NEC is a personal preference. BenQ’s are probably the better choice though.

Benq 1650 or 1655 would be a great choice at the moment.


The 1655 seems to be doing a better job than the 1650. I have no complaints, and I have the 1655.

had a bunch of nec’s, some lite-on’s, and a bunch of benq’s. put me down for a 1655 too.

In theory, the only difference between the 1650 and the 1655 should be LightScribe. I own both, never use LightScribe, and as far as I can tell the drives are interchangeable.

If I were going to own only one burner, there is no question in my mind that it would be the 1650 (or 1655 if you want LightScribe). My second choice would probaly be a Liteon “6” series (160P6S or 165P6S). Nec would come in third place, I haven’t had good luck with Nec’s lately.

I presently own:

2 x Benq 1620
Benq 1640
Benq 1650
Benq 1655
Liteon 160P6S
Liteon 1693
Nec 3500
Nec 3520
Nec 3540
Nec 3550
Nec 4570

I have owned in the past:
LG 4167
LG 4163
Pioneer 109
Pioneer 108
Pioneer 106
Nec 1300
Nec 2500
Nec 2510
Sony DRU-500A
Liteon 811
Liteon 812
Liteon 1213
BTC 1008
BTC 1016

BenQ gives you a smoother PI/PIF scan, in other words, low errors. But depends it might cost you $10-$15 more than then NEC drive on your link. If it is your first burner, get the BenQ

i started with an plextor was an great machine in its time. then got an nec & thought it was a fantastic burner,great ripping speeds ect… now I,ve got 2 plextors1655 an 1620 & 1640. 1 still in an box. best bang for my buck. furmware is constantly upgraded & error scaning abilitys. I’d say if you can find one on sale go for it. keep an eye out in the bargen basement. sunday or saterday are your best time to reserch & plan your shopping accordingly…
good luck :iagree:

Ok looks like the benq 1655,should i not get the oem since the box im putting it in has no software? Any better deals than new egg or zipzoom fly out there?

sometimes they throw in nero suite for OEM, but call them to make sure. The deals at ZZF and Newegg are pretty decent deal, but better deals might come this sunday, just wait and check back

Thanks for all the replies everyone,I will hold on till sunday and see if any 1650.
,55’s go on sale.Once again thx for all the input,I have found it best to ask the people in the “know” rather than mixed reviews from retailers.

The current Newegg deal on the retail 1655 is hard to beat:

only $3 more than oem - you get the Nero software (for sure) - and you get the BCxx vs GCxx firmware (for sure). I did get the BCDC retail firmware with a recent Benq oem 1650 purchase but no software, cables, etc. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.