Which burner?

my name is smi from germany.
I have a samsung writemaster DVD burner TS-H552B. this burner really sucks!!! most of the movies I´ve burnerd have CRC faults. I´ve just updated the firmware, and now it´s totally down. so I want to buy a new one. I mostly burn films and sometimes data.

My DVDs mostly have the following information:
Producer: Verbatim

or sometimes taiyo yuden

what burner can you recommend?
I think a benQ or a NEC would be the best, but I don´t really know much about it.
maybe the new benQ 1655???
thanks for answers!!!
…and sorry for my english

Try with 8x rated TY or Verbatims, I’d suggest that.
The Samsung isn’t that bad, in most cases other things interfere into the burning quality such as cheap cables and PSU…

smi, from the scans I’ve seen with quality media on the BenQ 1655, I would recommend that one. It fixes some 16x burn issues over the 1640, and has just had another official firmware release. I do not think you would go wrong getting the 1655. :iagree:

i thought so, that this burner is pretty good. but I´m not really skilled in these things.
maybe this one:

I think the price is ok

and what about plextor? I´ve heared, that they are also pretty good. but they´re very expensive, aren´t they?

The Plextors are good, even their new ones. But IMO the “legend” Plextor is suffering from the things they have done in the recent past… eg PxTools related things.

Also the BenQ costs only a fracture of a similar Plextor.

Smi, that is the correct burner: The BenQ DW-1655 Lightscribe. You might check if that store has a BenQ DW-1650, as it might be cheaper. The 1650 is the same as the 1655, except without the Lightscribe label-burning ability. The 1650 and 1655 are about the same in producing good quality burns, but it does seem the 1650 is better than the 1655 to a small degree. Because it is without Lightscribe (and if you can find it), the 1650 should be cheaper than the 1655. :wink:

Plextor is expensive, and especially in America, Plextor’s reputation is very poor, as with the 716a, some U.S. buyers had to RMA (return the drive to Plextor) up to 8 times to get a good burner. Another thing bad about Plextor is that Plextor is very slow about improving and updating its firmware. BenQ will release a new firmware about every 45 days, but you are lucky if Plextor releases a new firmware in 120 days. Also, the Plextor 755 is much slower in standard burning times. For example, a 8x-speed burn should take about 8 minutes, but the 755 needs 9 or more; a 12x burn should take about 6 min., 30 secs., but the 755 needs a minute more, or 7 minutes 30 seconds. So you not only pay more for a Plextor, but you are lucky if you get a new firmware release, and you cannot be guaranteed to get a good, quality working unit. I would basically eliminate Plextor from any consideration because of these reasons.

there is one good plextor, and it’s a benq

thank you very much!!
that really helps!!
I think I will buy the benQ. maybe I can even find the 1650, because I don´t really need lightscribe.

I am beginning to think the benq 1650 is a figment of imagination!

Holy crap, 64 euros for a bulk 1655? Alternate.de must be mad. Here in The Netherlands the 1655 bulk is about 50 euros, the 1650 can even be found for as low as 43 euros. I would check out some other stored in .de if I were you mate.


what is the difference between bulk and retail?


bulk is even cheaper??

it´s ok
I´ve already found the difference!!! :bigsmile: