Which burner writes best?

I am looking for a burner that writes very best, so the data on disc has the least errors and will last for many years.

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There is no simple answer to your question. Some burners will
give very good results with one type of media and relatively poor
results with others. Of the various drives I have used, the Liteon
LH-20A1P gives the best results with most media.

Pioneer, Samsung and some LG models are also highly regarded
my many forum members.


So, anyone of this will be good enough. I think Samsung 203B is the cheapest here, so I think that will be my choice.

I guess there is a 1-year warranty for all burners, or not?

Looks like a good drive. Have you read the CD Freaks review?

Your legal rights will depend on your location. Most manufacturers
offer a one year warranty.

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In addition to getting a good DVD burner, you should also get good quality DVD media. If either is bad then the result will also be bad.

If you get high quality media such as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, then most modern DVD burners will burn them with good to excellent quality, especially if you burn the media at a reasonable speed which depends on the drive/media but is often optimal at 8x or 12x.

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