Which burner to solve AVI audio problem?

I was looking for a software recommendation to help solve a problem
that I’m having. When I burn an AVI file to a DVD to play on a DivX
compliant home DVD player (a Philips), I sometimes have an audio sync
problem. It occurs at one or two points during playback. The files
appear fine on my PC.

I usually use Nero 7 to burn my DVD’s, but had read there was a
problem involving the frame rate. I tested out DivX Player Pro instead.
The problem improved, but didn’t go away.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


DVD Burner - Digital Research Technologies - 4X DVD+/-RW/+R - Model #:
DD0203 (upgrading soon)
Windows XP - SP2
Intel Celeron Processor 1.70 ghz
Memory - 512 mhz

Presumably you are just creating a data DVD with Nero so I see no way that just copying the file to a disc should affect the sync like that.

Yes, I was backing the files up as data with Nero. There should be no issue. That’s what is bugging me.

Maybe you can try this:WinAVI video converter.I have used it for a few years without any problem.You can visit this to know details:

If you check with Gspot which gives you the video details & if the ones that give problems are VBR format & those that are OK are not then conversion of the audio to CBR would solve it.
I don’t have Divx player so I don’t know if this is an issue but I do know that sometimes VBR audio is a problem with AVI files.

I’m not familiar with CBR VBR, but I’ll look into it. Thanks for the advise.

I use this to convert my avi files to vob…and use dvd shrink to back them up…so far i’ve had great results…

I ran into a problem when I first started importing .AVI files from a panasonic pvgs 400 camcorder, I was using Lets Edit from Conapous. I would notice a lag in the audio. I tried several different programs like Adobe Primer, Sony Vegas and a couple of others all with the same problem when importing longer play time files. I was told that I should have a hard drive just for video files and to make sure I had at least 10mb substained rate along with this drive not to be the system drive. I figured I did sense I had two W/D 74 Gb Raptors running in raid 1 my computer along with 1 gb of kingston hyper X memory and an Intel P4 (socket 478) 3.4.
After months I went and got an 80 gb W/D IDE hard drive and made that drive as the drive to store all .AVI files and it worked and has ever sense I have even made several files as long as 6 hrs 20 min long with no out of sync problems.

What’s the point of recommending encoding packages when the guy has a Divx player so that all this conversion can be avoided.


Check the file details as I suggested & if it’s only the ones with a variable bit rate (VBR) that have a problem then there are various ways around this.

I have two different standalone players, and either can get sync problems if:

  • “Preload” of interleaving is not around 500ms +/- 5-10%


  • Audio Freq is 44.1 instead of 48


  • VBR MP3 (Variable Bit Rate) instead of CBR (Constant Bit Rate)

That is to say, no problems ever with AVIs where the audio is 48khz CBR MP3 with 480-520ms preload of interleaving. (I don’t think I have had problems with 48k VBR either.)

However, I have yet to find a reliable way of fixing the AVIs, other than re-encoding them, either to new AVIs with VirtualDub or to DVD with TMPGenc.

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That’s some very useful info.