Which burner to can I use?

I was looking at the inexpensive side of a DVD burner when I came across two Samsung burners with decent customer rating (model SH-S182M/BEBN and SH-S182D). I noticed the interface for the first was IDE and the other was E-IDE. How do I determine which interface is compatible with my Dell Dimension 8400? Are these decent drives? Users seems to like it.

Hi :slight_smile:
You can use either of those. Basically one is LS(M) & the other(D) isn’t. The IDE vs E-IDE is a bit of bs. Both are Enhanced IDE drives.

Thanks. I bought the SH-S182D after Newegg had it with free shipping. I haven’t installed it yet as I was seeing to getting the latest firmware driver. I went to the Samsung website to find the latest firmware drivers and found 5 options. I read the manual, but I still don’t know which firmware driver is for me. Each option has “common language” and each has the same post dates. Any thoughts? Thanks.


Sorry to bump this up, but I am wondering if the latest firmware will help my other problems with burning CD-R’s. The post right above this post has a link to 5 different options for firmware. Does anyone who owns this DVD burner lead me to the correct version? Thanks.

The latest firmware for the SH-S182D is SB04, that’s what I’m using. :slight_smile:

I noticed that you are in England. I have my DVD Burner set to Region 1. Does that matter for which firmware I use?

Always use the latest firmware, it will not affect your DVD’s region.