Which burner to buy?

hi all,
i wonder if anyone can tell me which one is better?
it`s a ASUS 5232A and a LITEON LTR 52327S…
i want to buy but can anyone give me an advice which one i should buy??

PS: “none” above means “dont buy”

the Asus is really only good for reading protected CD’s. Burn quality and speeds fall WAY short of the LiteOn.

so what is u advice?
litey or asus?

no one anymore??:eek:

Depends what you want to use it for. If you’ll mainly use it for copying copy-protected cds go with the Asus. Otherwise get the Litey.


i rest my case here…
i will go for the liteon.
since i heard that asus can read twinpeak and have problems with FW is why i go for the liteon…
also cheaper…
and just one more question:has anyone made backups of SD 2.9/3.xx between these two drives?


I am going to buy a new drive in the near future just after some more help 1st.

I have a Liteon LTR-40125S at present which is still working great except that it can’t backup Safedisc 3.15.

I own Lock-On Air Combat Sim and can’t backup this protection.
I have read lots of posts about Safedisc and i know that i am not alone in not being able to backup v3.15.

The drives that i have read about the Asus 5232A and the Liteon LTR 52327S.

I hear the Asus has some write quality issues can someone explain this a little more clearly how bad really is the quality of the write from the Asus drive and has the Liteon LTR 52327S been able to defeat Safedisc v3.15 at all ? I read that they could be hit and miss.

Anyway thanks for any help in advance.