Which burner to buy

OK, so I backed up my files on CD, then reformatted my harddrive and reinstalled Windows. Once I got it all running, I quickly checked that the drives could read and such and they all worked, but I didnt try writing a cd. When I needed to write one the other day, the drive just kept saying that I didnt have a blank disk, so I tried other disks and they also didnt work. I contacted Yamaha (I had a CRW2100EZ) and they said that the drive was toast. I kind of don’t believe it since I wrote a disk a day or so before I reformatted, but I can’t figure out what else I can do since they will not help me. Seems like a generic response to something they do not want to troubleshoot, but there are no conflicts showing in the device manager so I wouldn’t even know where to start!

At any rate, since it is sometimes easier to replace things than fix them, I am in the market for a new burner. I was thinking of taking this opportunity to upgrade to a DVD burner (since it took 4 CDs to backup my files!), but I don’t know anything about them. What are the pros/cons versus a CD-RW? Which one should I get? Should I get a SCSI or IDE?

BTW, my computer is:
P4 1.4GHz
64 MB Elsa Gloria III
Kenwood TrueX 52x CDrom
Yamaha CRW2100EZ burner (will be removing)

Thanks for the help in advance!

The decision btw cdrw and dvdrw is a tough one I would say because nowadays things are so large that having larger capacity is worhtwhile. Particularly games. If your needs are simple and do not commonplace surpass the 700mb limit then I would suggest an ASUS or Lite-on 52x. They are great burners and defeat marketing protections on audio and data cd’s well. One of my friends is very happy withhis Sony DVDRW and given Sony is a great overall mfg in just about any product line I would pass along his opinion.

Hope it helps some & Good Luck!!!

I would recommend getting a Lite-On IDE drive. If you need a DVD burner now, the LDW-410S, a DVD+RW drive, can write DVDs at 4x, CD-Rs at 40x, and CD-RWs at 24x. If you don’t need a DVD burner, the LTR-52246S (52x24x52x) and the LTR-52327S (52x32x52x) would be good choices.

Thanks for the suggestions, however, after reading the reviews here and because of their reputation I chose the Plextor 708A. I have to say that this drive is just unbelievable and I am giddy I am so excited about it!! I am still playing around with the drive but so far I have no complaints. One of the most impressive things about the drive is how quiet it is - it is hardly audible even at full spin. Also, the speed is just incredible. I backed up my files, about 2.4 GB, on the rewriteable disc that it was packaged with and the entire disc was written in about 5 minutes.

On a less than happy note, after I installed the plextor drive and installed Roxio 6, my yamaha drive works too, so the whole purshase was unnecessary. However, I am now hooked on the drive and am going to keep it. I did send an “I told you so” message to Yamaha and told them I would not be buying another one of their products due to their poor attempt at tech support! They want me to call them back to discuss the issue…