Which Burner To Buy?

hi! i’m quite familiar with cd-burning and upbacking, but i’m really a newbie to DVD-Burning. I saved some money from my last salaries and want to buy a very good burner for my big DVD collection I have in my shelves. for the cds the lite-on are very good, but which models of which company are best for DVDs. As I guess there are also copy protections for DVDs and I’d like to buy one that is capable of bypassing them.
By the way could you gimme your recommendation for the best burning prog?
Thx for all of you who’ll hopefully help me. Any help is absolutely appreciated :bow:

There’s a sticky post at the top of the DVD Hardware forum that might answer a fair number of your questions. It’s titled “Which DVD Burner to Buy?”.

Also, in the future, if you do a search before you post, you might find that your question has already been answered. In the case of this particular question, many, many times.