Which burner to buy?

Hello, I would like to ask some advice as I’m thinking of replacing my old pioneer dvr-107d with a new dvd burner.

Having the choice between a pioneer DVR-112D and the lite-on LH20A1H, which one should I buy?

Things I do with my burner :
Burn data DVD’s (lots)
Some PS2 Backups (8x DVD-R, the ps2 seems to read it best)

What I’m looking for is a combination of a good reader as well as a burner which can provide high quality burns(high quality burns are in particular for the ps2 backups, so 8x burn speeds or below are enough for me)

I don’t really care if it can read CD/CDR’s or not, have another drive for that.

Any advice? (maybe even recommend some other burner’s I can get instead)

edit : I’m currently using Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (MCC 02RG20), TY’s are hard to come by here.


Go with the Pioneer DVR-112D. I have it and have never had a read problem with any PS2 backup (or anything else really).

I’d check the poll at the top of the page and go with whichever is more popular.


Suggest going with the Pioneer - since it is what you are most familiar with - also look in the Bargain Basement and my post on the LiteOn SHW-160P6S at www.ecost.com - I have had mine for a year or more and I just bought two more as back up replacements-eh!

I bought both :slight_smile:

If you want quality scans go with the liteon, if you don’t trust them anyway go with the pioneer ;D

go with pioneer better burn quality.

after my experience with LH20A1H, i lost all faith in lite-on for another year or two.

well based on everyone suggestions I’m gonna go with the dvr112d =)

picking it up today

thanks for the help guys!