Which burner to buy?

I currently have a hp dvd400i burner, which I am continually having freezing problems with, so I think the time has come (after many many coasters) to bite the bullet and purchase a new one. I am looking at Pioneer DVR-110D or a Benq 1640. In your opinions which is the most stable and reliable, and what are there an benefits of an internal over and external :confused: (other than the obvious one of mobility). I use Ritek media and backup with CloneDVD2 or shrink
Thanks I’d really appreciate some feedback.

The reason you are having freezes is because you use Ritek medias. They are Crap!!!
among the two drives you are listing, the Benq is better!!! But I will suggest you a Benq 1650 as it is newer… The new liteon 6 serie (165P6S or 16P6S) is very good too.

Thanks for your reply. What media would you recommend then?

Verbatim,Ricoh or Taiyo Yuden.

:cool: :cool:

To expand on that a little, verbatium no longer makes 8x media, and has started using other companys media under the verbatium brand (like ritek). 16x is good but 8x is only good if it is mcc (and I suspect as surplus of mcc003 dries up, well see more of the other crap). ricoh is just the oppisite. 4x is exelent (I cannot count how many ricohjpnr01 I have burned and I personally consider it absolute top quality), 8x is decent but not as good, 16x is ok but even worse, not in the same league as taiyo yuden, mcc verbatium or 4x ricoh (still usable for most though, not near as bad as ritek).

It has to be expected, because of the FAKED 8x Verbatims started to appear in Hungary first…

Just curious In the Us there are no faked verbatims that I know of). What exactlly showed up in Hungary (I havent quite followed it though I know there were a lot more problems for a longer time with less than ideal verbatium in Europe???