Which burner to buy for copying protected CD's?

I need a CD writer with the sole purpose of making backup of protected CD’s to work in all other drives.
This of course excludes Plextor which otherwise would be the easy choice. I just read a review ofthe Acer CRW 1208A which seems to fit the bill, according to CDR-info it can copy SafeDisc 2 CDs perfectly, only problem is that its a little slow reading protected CD’s. Also, its actually not that cheap where i am.
So i was wondering if there were other burners in the speed range 8-12x that can copy “everything”(based on philips components?), and perhaps even has a anticoaster protection?

I’ve heard plextor CAN burn SafeDisc 2.

yeah what is wrong with plextor??? I have a 12/10/32s and haven’t had any problems with protected CD’s!!!
(Which games use safedisc 2???) So I shouldn’t know why plextor is no kandidate!!!

Allmost all new games use sd2. And if you’re a gamer you would like to burn them without a problem.
Plexter may be a good device, but the (new) firmware won’t let you copy sd2-protected games perfectly, so the backups don’t work. (they only play in source writer only)
So if you want to copy sd2-protected games, you have to choose a burner from this list.

whichnew games I have a 12/10/32s (as you may now by now :)) and iI copy everything i see with it (also the new games ) with CloneCD and no probs here!!!1

Well you might just be lucky but for most people Plextor copies of SD2 cd’s only work in the drive that burned them.

Get a Philips PCRW804K
But you must buy a very, good reader, either (Like plextor or toshiba).