Which burner to burn Verbatim DVD+R DL

I have the following drives and didn’t burn a DL disk before and I have only one Verbatim DVD+R DL disk so I need to choose which drive to burn it and have best result.

  1. Samsung S203S
  2. Pioneer 112D
  3. Liteon DH-20A4P
  4. LG GH22NP20

Please help…thanks.

I have always have had excellent results with my Pioneer DVR-112D with this media. I don’t have experience with the Samsung or LG drives with Verbatim DL media, but I used to use older LiteOn models than what you list and I had issues with my players hanging at the layer break about 75% of the time overall, and this even happened on a follow-on newer LiteOn model that I purchaed. It’s what eventually made me move to a Plextor PX-716A, which worked OK for a short while until it broke, and then I moved to Pioneer drives for better reliability. I started with a DVR-111D, then a DVR-112D, DVR-212D (SATA in my work machine) and lately DVR-116D. Years later, all are still in service and making reliable burns on Verbatim DL media (MKM-001 - I haven’t purchased MKM-003). Make sure your Verbatim DL media wasn’t made in India, as those have proven to be probelematic, while the ones made in Singapore are much better.

It is made in Singapore…btw, I heard the 112D will default DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM, is it the case? tia

PS I’ll be using IMGburn to burn it.

[quote=APVM;2143906]…btw, I heard the 112D will default DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM, is it the case? [/quote] Yes, that is correct. :iagree:

Thanks…112D then.

[QUOTE=APVM;2143923]Thanks…112D then.[/QUOTE]

You received your confirmation about DVD-ROM bitsetting for DVD+RDL media, but if you use MediaCodeSpeedEdit, aka MCSE, you can flash modified firmware that will give DVD-ROM booktype on DVD+R (single layer) media also… The read speed patch is also helpful.

Thanks, no idea how to do MCSE, I may look into it when I have time.