Which Burner support "inverse stack" produced DL Media?


my problem is that i bought DVD Media from 1TEK (Media Code: RICOHJPN-D00-001)

My Writer (NEC 3540A, Liggy&Dee 1.WB) stops writing at the beginning of the 2nd Layer.
I produced already 5 coasters :sad:

Because this i bougth a new LG GSA-H42L (FW: S00) (its advertised as “Super Multi Drive”).
But this Writer stops already Burning after few Minutes!

Error is always the same: KEY MEDIA ERROR or the like!! :Z

What actual Drives support DVD+R DL Media produced in “inverse stack” operation?
Is there any FW for one of my two drives to get a better support for these Media?


I think even with a writer which can burn inverse discs well, the results will still vary from discs to disc.

You might not want to hear this but, verbatim is the only DL media to use :slight_smile:

That’s right, if i could turn time back i had not bought these Media, but i can’t!
I had more than 25 of this Discs, so i don’t want to give up and try to get working those!

BTW: Would it change anything if i turn from 1.WB to 1.W9 to get better results with the NEC 3540A?

Most likely not. Seeing as most FW updates are for new media. But try anyways.

Have you tried at different speeds? Slow/Fast/Medium? Just to see if any speed writes the media well?

The Discs are DVD+R DL 2,4x (RICOHJPN-D00-001),
i didnt try higher speed or lower (e.g. 1x).

underwhelming is that the new LG does worse result as my good old NEC, perhaps i could get my money back for the LG if i couldn’t find a solution (new FW)!

Where can i find a list of compatible writers for the media?

Are they even legitimate Ricoh DL discs, as they sound too crappy to be real Ricoh’s even :eek:

Does it say on the packaging where the discs were made?

Branded as 1TEK from shoxx.com !

Reply from NEC:

Sehr geehrter Kunde,

vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage. Diese DL Medien werden ab FW 1.04

Model media max write speed Maker Media speed Manufacture ID Media type

ND-3540 DvD+R9 Max Write Speed :8x Ricoh 8x RICOHJPN D01

ND-3540 DvD+R9 Max Write Speed Ricoh 2.4x RICOHJPN D00

ND-3540 DvD+R9 Max Write Speed :8x Ricoh 8x RICOHJPN D01

ND-3540 DvD+R9 Max Write Speed Ricoh 2.4x RICOHJPN D00

It seems that FW 1.04 for the 3540A should support this Media!
I use the modified FW 1.WB from Liggy & Dee, i cant beleave that the original FW 1.04 works better, but i will try!

There have been reports of DL media w/ faked RICOH media codes (Playo-branded sold in the US I believe), so may be worthwhile to check to see if these media are actually manufactured by Ritek (legitimate maker of RICOH-coded discs) or some other manufacturer.

But… even “real” RITEK or RICOH dual layer discs have a pretty poor reputation. Stick with Verbatim/Mitsubishi DL discs with MKM codes for any sort of reliable results.

How can i check for faked MEDIA CODE?
Has anyone experiences with Media from 1TEK?

Again something you won’t want to hear, but LGs are fussy and like to be fed quality media. All LG drives that I’ve owned have been the same. :slight_smile:

I’d keep the LG and buy better media, personally :)…try and sell the remaining discs to someone.

Edit: or burn the remaining discs with the NEC (with the firmware that supports them).

My [B]1.WB[/B] firmware is based on 1.04 firmware. I don’t modify DVD DL writing strategies, so it should burn those discs the same as original 1.04 NEC firmware.

Thanks for your good work (i love the 3540A)!

I don’t understand why the NEC stop buring at the beginning of the 2nd Layer, because the drive should support these discs!

Also sad is the weak feat of the LG, it couldn’t even write the 1st Layer.
Interesting is that a friend could burn these disks in his notebook (LG Writer inside)!

i won’t accept that i spent so much money for nothing! :sad:
Any ideas or suggestions?

I would feel like a fraud if i sell the disc’s to someone knowing that the discs are crap! :frowning:

And who told you that??

Inverse Stack DL media is unlike those produced by Verbatim/MKM!

says 1.21 or greater. But who knows what your not-RICOH discs really are??

look at my Post with reply from NEC Support!!
They say that 1.04 should support the RICOHJPN-D00 Media Code!!
My Firmware is the 1.WB (modified 1.04 FW from Dee)!

Thank you for your link, its strange that NEC support says FW 1.04 and the conpatibility List from ricoh says FW 1.21!

The 1.21 Firmware is not from NEC, its an OEM Firmware from IOData (2005-04-15),
the NEC 1.04 Firmware is from 2006-02-09


I will buy another Brand with RICOHJPND00 media code and test with the NEC!
Is there no other NEC 3540A user with experience in this context?

Also, what country is your media made in? Ricoh is the most widely faked DL media ID code out there. If it’s made anywhere besides Taiwan then you have fakes.

Some Ricoh DL is also made in Japan but they are yet to be seen outside of Japan…