Which Burner should I use for my Ps1 backups?

Well I wanted to re-backup some of my old PS1 games. I bought a spindle of verbatim DLP some time ago and havent really used it at all. anyway its 52x certified and is made my mitsubishi.

My dilema is not the discs though. Its the burner. I have a Pioneer 106, Liteon 52246S and a Ricoh MP7200A 20x. Which should i use? the liteon has some low error rates but the underside looks wavy and not burned properly, no matter what speed i burn at.

However, on the ricoh and pionner the disc looks burnt better when u look at it from the under side. no waves, very crisp. but the pioneer has errors galore. ricoh is ok. they look exactly the same on the underside but i cannot believe how bad the errors are on the pioneer!

I’ll post some pics. Tell me what you think I should use. don’t say pionner! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a liteon burn at 40x. i tried burning at 8x 24x etc. looks the same and has the same error rates. so it doesnt matter.

Ricoh @ 8x

Ricoh @ 12x. Geez burning faster made it a WAY better burn!

Heres the dreaded 106 burn. man i dont know what went wrong but it does not like these cdrs!

Well theres the results. well its either the liteon or the ricoh. keep in mind these points:

burns slower
looks like a very clean burn on the underside


burns way faster
Looks really wavy and has weird rings in some spots

I think i will go for the ricoh @ 12x.

For psx1 i would go no faster than 8x maybe even 4x