Which burner should i chose?

Hi all, i have finaly decided to retire my NEC 1300A and am in the hunt for a new drive, that will basically rip/right movies. I am considering any one of these:

  • LG GSA-H10L
  • BenQ DW1655
  • LITE-ON SHM-165H6S
  • NEC ND-3550

Which of these is the best for me??

The BenQ 1655 could be your first choice. It’s a perfect and fast ripper and one of the best burners too.

I’m not a fan of LG, poor reliability and mediacompatibility. But naturaly everyone has his own experiences. In my opinion the only reason that LG has so many fans is the fact that they were the only devices that supports RAM for a long time. That has changed. And if you don’t need RAM LG never was the first choice.

The Samsung also wouldn’t be my first choice. It’s not a bad burner, but couldn’t hold on tight with the BenQ. And Samsung support is very poor.

With LiteOn and NEC many people are happy. I like BenQ more.

The Pioneer 111 is a very good allround device. If you want RAM and a good burner and reader maybe this could be your first choice too.

I’d like to add that only the LG and the liteon supports natively the RAM media. To enable RAM media burning on the pioneer 111D you need to do a crossflash, and this invalidate warranty.

So keep this in mind when you’ll do your choice :wink:

Right now the Lite-On is my favourite. I hear some negative things about the LG’s and the BenQ’s somewhere else on this forum. How would the Lite-On compare to the Pioneer 111D and the Nec 3550, those being my top choices.

The Liteon is a very good drive. But … it is riplocked!!! And up to now, there is no tool to get rid of this riplock.


BenQ or Pioneer, but I prefer the BenQ!


WOW! Seems like a pretty unanamous decision. I find it hard to beleive that this BenQ is so good. Also whats the riplock on the Lite-On??

Benq is good as long as it works… I tried 1640,1655and 1650 and none was completely compatible with my mobo a7v600. On my bro’s asus mobo it works fine tho. Pio was designed in Japan an got solid mechanics, so arguably it lasts longer then Benq. If reflashed properly, 111D will offer full DVD-RAM support, fast ripping and Labelflash. So I guessed u figured my advise :iagree:
Riplock limits speed when reading dvd-video format. I thought Liteon’s was removable, but may not be for new drives. Check their forum.

I’m partial to the Pioneer drives myself. Just got a 111D so I will need to test it out but there are some very cool options for it. IMHO the only thing that the Pioneer lacks is reliable scanning abilities. If this isn’t that big of a deal to you though then I would go with it. The Pioneer can do some incredible ripping if you reflash with one of the different firmwares.

Thanks for all your help guys. I have chose to buy the BenQ 1655, but now I also want a DVD-Rom drive for reading/ripping disc images. Which drive should I go with when i buy my 1655??

When you place the order for the 1655 just make the Qty. = 2

The ASUS Model DVD-E616A2 is an excellent reader/ripper. :wink:

:clap: hahah i like that but if i can save some money by just buying a Hi quality dvd-rom drive i will because im also after an epson r220 for printing lables. Now I know you guys are anal about LG DVD+/-RW drives but how are their DVD-Rom drives? I have a few options in DVD-ROM drives:

LG GDR-8164B
Samsung TS-H352A
Sony DDU1615/B2S or DDU1615/10S


or asus …

I second the ASUS E616A2 DVD-ROM drive (it also reads RAM discs).

Yah i think i might go Sony or Asus. Hows the Asus Quietrack?/

Actually, I third the choice for the ASUS, on my Brain Box, I have that as my main ripper. :wink:

Another vote for the Asus DVD-ROM drives. Be sure to get one with the 2MB buffer (I know for sure that the 616A and the 616AG have the 2MB buffer) as it makes all the difference in the world in the drives ripping capabilities. I have the E616A with the 2MB buffer and not only is it very quiet, it is the fastest ripper I have owned to date and will read through some scuffed/scratched up discs that no other drive will.