Which burner should I buy?

my name is smi from germany.
I have a samsung writemaster DVD burner TS-H552B. this burner really sucks!!! most of the movies I´ve burnerd have CRC faults. I´ve just updated the firmware, and now it´s totally down. so I want to buy a new one. I mostly burn films and sometimes data.

My DVDs mostly have the following information:
Producer: Verbatim

or sometimes taiyo yuden

what burner can you recommend?
I think a benQ or a NEC would be the best, but I don´t really know much about it.
maybe the new benQ 1655???
thanks for answers!!!
…and sorry for my english :o

It depends on what you’d like, personally i’d take the BenQ 1650 or 1655. Both are great burners.