Which burner is this IO Magic for $40 at Staples?



Anyone know what kind of drive this is sold as IO magic at Staples? The model # appears to be IDVD16DL … which I don’t see on the IOmagic website (they have 16DD).



its a btc, note the 16x logo above the eject button of the drive.


doesnt mean its a btc. io magic uses both btc and benq. theres a way to search for benq if you can get into a store.


I checked at my local staples it was a magicspin. don’t know the model



Ok just searched and found this thread on how to ID a benq (maybe?)



It is a BTC DRW1016. I gently opened the OEM sticker without cutting it, and there’s a fine print indicating the DRW1016. Got it yesterday, returned it today.


Try using the way that this post shows.
I have found this method to be almost 90% reliable. I did the research myself.


the i/o magic benq 1620 days are done. plus i was at my staples and they have a new i/o magic 16x burner package. smaller than the usuall one. specs look same as old 16x. wonder what drive they are puttin in that box ??? old i/o magic was marked at $89.99, new one was marked at $99.00.


Don’t know why it’s worth bothering with when both the Benq and the NEC Burners can be had for just under $50 shipped. :wink:


on the front panel, if you see 3 logos, it is a benQ, and if you only see 16X logo, then it is a BTC


well a problem i have with newgg (etc), bought a nec 3500. it was bad, shipped it back (that cost me $12.00). they send me another drive (i can’t prove it, but it doesn’t look new). that one is bad too. i shipped that back , $12.00 again. i tell them i don’t want any more replacement drives, refund my money. BAM!!! 15% restocking fee. that’s a whole lotta money for no drive. i buy a drive at retail, i take it back and get a new drive off shelf. i don’ like it, i take it back, no restockin fee. plus no shippin… sorry for rant just my $.02.


agreed cmisenko… in my opinion its worth another $10-15 to avoid a bigger hassle with returning (if its on sale anyway).

Don’t think I’ll bother with this drive tho.


You might want to be careful doing this, COMPUSA (and others) will test the item and charge you the very same restocking fee. I will not be buying anything from COMPUSA again, I have been very lucky with Newegg and you cant beat the prices.


you know i have heard other people say that they had restocking fees a local retailers. i have not had that problem yet!!! hope it doesn’t come to that.


I bought this drive from CompUSA and it was more trouble than it was worth, it is now sitting in a box, and replaced by a HP 640c which works beautifully. This drive crashed my computer after flashing. It is a btc drive and when I bought it was 3 firmware versions behind, I flashed and crashed, returned the drive to I/O Magic and got another, which did the same thing. Sorry I know I am venting, but believe me I/O products are terrible, this is my second go round with there products and I will never by another.


verified BTC. had the btc firmware on all boxes in the store and the 16x logo when i took it out of the box. first one would just open and close all by itself no matter if it wasn’t connected to just power or both cables 2nd one worked but when i did a quality scan it was poo. glad it was for someone else :slight_smile:


Sorry about your rotten luck with the defective NECs. I on the other hand have ordered countless items from newegg without a single hitch (media, optical drives, mobos, HDs, ect.) and the vast majority of the others who deal with them also have good luck.


hey i only have good things to say bout newegg and zipzoomfly. built 4 puters, numerous parts from both etailers. all without a hitch. it was just that stinkin nec that had me in a world of $hit.


CompUSA removed restocking fee last year


i to buy a lot from newegg but just went thru the same crap in all if cost me 45 Bucksto get back 50 as they could not understand the prd. shiped was not the one ordered,they did not care at all,I now will drive 50 miles and pay 10-15% more to be Happy and not feel cheated