Which burner is the best for not so good media? (AD-7200, sammy SH-S202J, Pioneer DVR-116DBK)

Hi, I’ve had a LiteOn 1693S for two years I believe. It is a decent writer but only with really good media.

My problem is that where I live, it is impossible to find great media made by Yuden or Mitsubishi. In fact, I checked my burnt disks and allmost all of them correspond to so so MIDS. To put things in perspective, here Verbatims aren’t MCC or Yuden disks, but RITEKF1 or R05. The only Yudens you’ll find here in Chile are fakes, but no one seems to care.

Most of the scans I do with my Lity give me mediocre PIE graphs, always higher than 20(~18 to 30s in the best exceptional cases). Expect one time I bought a batch of Imation branded SONY16D1 disks with gave me less than 10 in the PIE graph. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find Imation branded Sonys anymore, only MBI ones that give me coasters.

I’m looking for a writer that gives great results (<10 PIE graphs) with MIDs such as SONYD21 +R, RITEKF1 -R, RITEK R05 +R and GSC003 if possible.

I’ve checked out some recorders:

Samsung SH-S202J
The problem is that here I haven’t seen great scans with regular media (it seems to be as bad as my burner). This model is a PATA version of SH-203, but its firmware version is lagging (SB02 versus 203’s SB04).

Sony AD-7200
I believe that is an Optiarc burner, I’ve read great things about it but unfortunately the scan and results thread here doesn’t show any scan at all (only empty embedded image boxes).

Sony AD-7190
and DRU-190A (i believe they’re the same)
I’ve haven’t really checked this model out.

Pioneer DVR-116DBK

Looking at the scans here it seems to be a really good burner, but people here still seem to love more the AD-720x than this and I want to know why damnit! :bigsmile:
Also I don’t know if this model supports bitsetting…

Asus something something 2014
I know nothing about this except it supports Lightscribe (yay).

Thanks so much for reading this and keep burning!

There are a lot of scans in the 7200 thread.

I would go for the 7200A it burns very good all kinds of media and better than the 216 :wink: (no idea about the 116, but it should be the same hardware as the 216).

The 216 should support bitsetting with help of MCSE.

The AD-7190 & DRU190A are liteon drives, DH20A3P to be exact.

Yikes! I couldn’t see the scans thanks to Adblock Plus… and I believed all along that there was a problem with the site :o

Thanks for your reply, I’ll look them tomorrow morning (it’s 3AM)

Bought the Sony Nec Optiarc burner. Thanks for the advice, it gives me great burns.