Which burner is better?



Should i get a Benq or should i get a NEC?


Both are good. Some prefer BenQ some NEC. Both a re well supported although some newer burning apps do support the NEC drives but not yet the BenQ.


Nec Imo.



I have two NEC 3500’s and couldn’t be happier - and the support here within the CD Freaks Forums for NEC’s is simply AWESOME!!

Life is good-



I’ve heard the 3500’s are better than the newer 3520’s. is this true?

i’m getting a dvd burner soon and am leaning towards nec over benq b/c of the recent bad batches of benq’s 1620. Should i get the 3500a or wait and see the results of the new 3540 (although i probably can’t wait that long :slight_smile: )


Both are great drives. The BenQ has the better testing abilitys (Jitter, PIE/PIF), so if you plan to use the drive also for testing, then the BenQ would be the better choice.


Or if you want the best, buy Pioneer or Plextor! Cost’s more money, but you get what you pay for…



Based on WHAT?? - Hard evidence or reviews-

Or is that just your opinion-




which one of those are not picky at burning dvd? I heard the Benq is better at burning no brand name dvds, and the others are more likely to choke.


Based solely on your question I would get the BenQ.


should i get rebaged or oem?


should i get rebaged or oem?

If you want the drive cheap go with oem (they come with no ide cables, software, screws, manual etc - just the drive itself), i only recommend retail for a newbie or if it is a bargain.


besides i/o magic, who else is selling these Benq rebaged?


Agree, Plextor and Pioneer are better. There are several reviews out there.
If you get a REBADGED unit beware that sometimes there are some differences.
Also, regardless of which unit you choose, use the best quality DVD blanks. There are so many cheap bad labels of blanks.
Among the best are Maxell -R 4X( 8X ones are not as good), made in Japan, and Optodisk -R, 8X.
Use a low to mid-range burn speed until you get to know your burner, and disconnect fron the internet and disable your antivirus prog while burning.


and not all i/o magic are Benq some are BTC :Z

and everyone knows that NEC make the best DVD Burners at the moment


i heard that benq has some problem backing up working console games, is that true? I am going to use it mainly for backing up movies and games, so it would be a big problem if it does.


I would use Plextor for backing up games.


optodisk is one of the best??? your kidding right?




I love the BenQ DW1620A - my favorite drive since my NEC ND2500A although I’d take the 2500A back in a heartbeat as a second burner if I could find one for cheap these days sigh. The 3500A I wasn’t as pleased with as I was with my BenQ but the 3520 seems like a good drive. I’d still recommend the BenQ! :bigsmile: