Which burner from the list to pick?

From the list below, which would be the best choice and please specify why?

Pioneer DVR-216D
Lite-On IHAS422-08


If you don’t need the scanning ability and you are using high quality media go for the LG or the Pioneer, both should be very good burners.

I have read the 216 isnt as good as its predecessor(115 or 215) of which I may be selling a new one soon…check the reviews…

I have both, the LG and Liteon in IDE. The liteon is a fast ripper for both SL and DL DVDs. The LG only rips at 6X (MCSE would fix that) and it spits out Verbatim SL 16x at 8X as bad media. Now at 12 to22X it does great,Good Scans. Discs burned with Clone DVD2.

from what I have found out, most are much of a muchness, they excel at certain things, brand loyalty comes into it, too, its better to burn at lo speeds for some stuff, in which case any drive probably would do.

I used to worry about getting the right thing, now its not too important as long as it does what I want it too, I am not getting hung up on it, there is no best per se.

buy what you like its as simple as that.

why not find a 215, they are still going if you are that worried about the 216, I don’t think its worth worrying about too much, unless its really serious.

new liteones supposed to be good, lg is,

pioneer has the best build quality by far, which would sway me, heavier, bigger, better inside, too, yes I have looked, but doesn’t guarantee best burns or even reliability of chips or lasers, oddly enuff.

Between the LG and LiteOn, which is the most quiet and do both of these support bitsetting?