Which burner for movie playback

as you may have notice from my previous posts… im having major trouble copying dvds… dvd-r… they stuggle playing on standalones… so im off to buy a new burner… in the uk… any recommendations… i dont want to go into a shop and have some salesman baffling me with science, and ending up with somthing just as pooh!..

at this stage im not right bothered about the cost… id rather have a quality burner, because the amount of coasters I have I m wasting money on media…

any recommendations…

pc world have recommendedsony dwg120a.
lite-on 26407…

on the reveiw pages, nec, are coming up trumps… but none of the shops sell them, and Im pretty desperate by now…also a few small buisiness, are recommending pioneer1110or is it 110d?..


You mean LG 4167 from that list, this is a nice drive which i’d purchase.

The LG4167 (as mentioned by Rapid Fire :bigsmile: ), or the Pioneer 110(D)/111…I have both the 4167 and the 110D, both are excellent drives.

The Pioneer tends to be a bit more forgiving media-wise, whilst the LG does best with quality media (TY, Verbatim etc). :slight_smile:

The Philips SPD2400 from SVP for £20 , cross flashed back to a Liteon 1635S seems a steal to me.

So far I’m very pleased with the results & it’s a very good reader.

Plus there’s new firmware & utilities being made available here which seem to be working well.

thanks im going for the lg… right now… at pc world… then i,ll have to install it… so ,i,ll probably be back on here lol, with more stooopid questions…

thanks again, for all your help…
cheers, caz again

Same place I got mine, £35 :bigsmile:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Yea, I like my 1635! Good reader. I also like my Benqs, excellent writers.

I’ve only just started playing with mine (have a scan or two, which I’ll post in the relevant sections)…so far, I’m liking them a lot :iagree:

Ho hum… me again… went for the LG… but there was no box… or screws to fit it with… so as Ive never installed one before, I didnt want to buy it…

but I did buy PHILLIPS DVDR 1628 internal dvd reWriter…which includes “solidburn”…

so im going to hopefully install it in the expansion bay… leaving the samsung in place…
oh I got the rewiter for £35… thought that was pretty good.

best go now…hopefully I will have a pc at the end of it all that can burn onto dvd-r,s that actually play in my dvd player, without taking ages to read… and without any jumps or pauses…

bye for now…any advice tips before I start… :confused:

Caz again


Remember to set the little jumper at the back of the drive before you put it in…if you’re fitting it alongside the Sammy drive (on the same ribbon cable), they’ll need to be set to Slave (should be a little diagram on the back of the drive itself) :slight_smile:

Edit: I wonder if that’s a rebadged BenQ drive…if so, might have to pick one up myself (even though I said, no more burners for now :bigsmile: )

Do I set the sammy to slave…? or the new one?

The new one. If the Sammy was the only drive you had in there up til now, it’ll be set to Master already. :slight_smile:

thanks for your quick response… do I move it across then… im afraid to touch it really it has pins in it?

Yep, just remove the little cover on the pins (the jumper), and slip it over the Slave pins, as per the diagram on your new drive. :slight_smile:

sorry it ok… the new one is set to slave anyhow… I dont need to move, it…

there are holes in the back… but I didnt get any cables with it… I know I have a ribbon in the pc, and a power supply… what are the other holes for?

Ah, nice one :)…the connectors in the back of your drive should be IDE (the ribbon one), your power cable, and a little audio cable connector…which you shouldn’t need, as I believe Windows uses the IDE for sound these days (I don’t have an audio cable in the backs of my drives). :slight_smile:

ok… thanks… wish me luck…

I’m sure you’ll be fine, but good luck :bigsmile:

If the Sammy was the only drive before it might be set on cable select. If thats the case it will need to be set to master.

Arrrgh, good point :doh:…that’s the case with my other PC. Both drives it came fitted with were CS, so I’ve just kept it that way.