Which burner for mostly DVD+R DL?

Well, I got rid of my Plextors ( :frowning: ) and I want a new burner that will do my job nicely.
I basicaly need 2 things :

  1. ABSOLUTE first priority is having good DVD+R DL burns, because I burn a lot of them for XBOX360 games and the blanks stil cost damn much! (of course it need to have bitsetting DVD+R DL -> DVD-ROM)

  2. My single layer DVDs are Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x (yuden000T02), so it needs to burn these nicely too…and also I would like for it to burn generic media kind of ok, this is not critical since I got enough Yudens to fit my needs for a year or so, and then we will have cheap blueray/hd-dvd, but it’s nice when you can burn that random disk fine (something I hated on my plextor 716A…)

I am mostly reading about the Liteon 165P6, and the Pioneer 111D, and some BenQ drives lately…but give me your precious advice plz!

I have a 111, 1655, 1640, 1620, and a 4550 and the 2 best ones at DL right now are the 111 and the 4550. For regular media I use my 1655. If excellent normal media and exellent DL media are all you use I’d get a 111 from what I’ve seen here with mine. The 111 even writes working copies with the crap Ritek D01 media that play on my pickiest machine so far, the BenQ’s dont do that.

Any other opinion guys? Should I go for the Pioneer or?

Pioneer 111. Especially if you want to burn MKM001 @ 6X or 8X.

I am hoping for good quality burns on Ridisk media, because they are the cheapest I can get (2.3 euros per piece) and my Toshiba-Samsung Xbox360 seems to have no problem reading them.

Does this change anything? or I should stick with the Pioneer?

I’ve never tried those, we only have the Verbatim and Ritek here where I’m at but so far both my 111 and my retired 110 did all dl I had very well so I think it’s your best bet.
Do some searching here and elsewhere and see if others have burned them successfully on anything.

I thought you got a 755A replacing your RMAed 716A?

The PX-755A is a good DL burner. You might want to try this first with your Ridisc DL media.

I did get the 755A as a replacement, but I could sell it for 50 euros and I did so. Here even the most expensive non-Plextor drive costs less than 50 euros (usually 35-45), so since I lost my faith in Plextor I thought I should get another brand new one and keep the change in my pocket…

Get the Pioneer 111-D :clap: