Which burner for me please :)

Hi there !

I’m planning to buy a dvd burner, and I’m really confused with all the choice that I have, so I need your advice !!

which one of this list should I buy ?


my needs ?

  • I want good quality copies
  • I’d like a low noise level if possible
  • I don’t care about high-speed because I’m used to burn at 8x maximum
  • I don’t plan to buy lightscribe media
  • Plextor is too much expensive

And last of all, I wonder if it would be possible to hack the firmware …

thanks a lot for your help !!

I’m about to buy one too.
I’m interested especially in the best writing quality possible, especially with verbatims 16x (+ or -) no matter at what speed, and of course durability :slight_smile: (my NEC ND-3520A after a year of light/moderate use is getting worse and worse at burning…).

I’ve narrowed my choice (am I right?) to Pioneer DVR-111D (not 112D, I’ve seen not so good scans so far), LG GSA-H42N or H22N, and Lite-On LH-18A1P.

Any suggestion, even on new drives to come, would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

I’d say the Pioneer 111D.

If you need low-noise, high quality copies I would recommend the LG GSA-H22N, or the Pioneer DVR-111/112.
But keep in mind that the LG can’t scan at all and the Pioneer is inaccurate at quality scanning.

I know. I’ve used to scan with my NEC drive so far, even if it’s not one of the most accurate scanner. I could use it again to compare burns from NEC and the new drive, just to have a clue.

By the way, do you know some DVD-ROM drive (possibly inexpensive) that is acceptable at scanning? I would like to have a separate drive for reading, to avoid further wearing of the lens of the burner.

I think I’ll go with the Pioneer in the end (sounds a little more durable than LG to me).

Thank you!

Pio 111/112 range would be my choice.

Get both Pioneer & Lite-On will make a perfect world, one for burning while the other for reading & scanning …