Which burner for a single drive installation?

I’m in the process of transferring my computer to a new case, and want to replace my pair of old IDE Lite-On drives (one reader, one burner) with a single SATA drive due to a lack of SATA ports on my motherboard (4 ports with 2 hard drives and 1 e-SATA port leaves 1 port available).

I’ve done some research and it looks like either the Sony Optiarc AD-7241S, or the Lite-On iHAS422 is the way to go.

However, while the Sony seems to be the better burner, the Lite-On seems to be the better reader, and I’m trying to decide which is the more important ability, reading or writing.

If I were going to install a pair of drives, my decision would be easy, one of each, but I’m at a loss given that I’m only going to be installing a single drive.

What would you recommend?

Buy one of each and an external enclosure for the drive you don’t install in your computer case?

What [B]brokenbuga[/B] said. :iagree:

The Optiarc may not be such a bad reader - my Optiarc AD-7203A and AD-7200A are quite capable readers, reading discs without a problem that make most of my older drives stumble or fail. I think they are comparable to LiteOn drives in their ability to read badly burned and scratched discs, but I haven’t done extensive testing of scratched discs.

I don’t have a 7240 series drive myself, but the Optiarc drives seem to be getting stronger at reading with each new generation.