Which burner can do "scans" (quality, piff etc)

I currently own a
Pioneer DVR-A06/106 4x DVDRW (2003-4)
LG GSA-4160B 16X DVDRW (2005)

Sadly, both of these cant do “quality scans” of dvds i burn. I want a DVD Burner that is not only good, but can do all those scans (quality, PIE,PIFF etc) using software like Nero CD-DVD Speed etc.

Unless my current burners can do this (can they??), i am open to any recommendations!

If it helps, i dont burn DL and i use DVD-R media.

All Lite-On drives are good for scans.

Maybe, if you can afford it and are able to find it, also a Plextor 760 is an excellent (but really expensive) choice.

Also I forgot to mention that, Yes i want to scan, but i also want it to burn good. I dont really want to buy a burner that is UBERGOD at scanning but burns really crap.

Lite-On? I had one from 2004 (just a dvd rom) and i hated it. It sounded really unstable casue it was heaps noisy…

Indeed latest liteon drives are a bit noisy, but can also burn very well, providing that you will use quality media: a burner cannot convert a crappy disc into an excellent one :wink:

Check here :wink:

Anymore suggestions?

I am in Australia, and the popular ones most stores stock are the Samsung, LG and Pioneer, Asus, Aopen and LITE-ON.

What Samsungs are available?

I am sure if i look i can find any (assuming they are new), but a quick search returned me with these;
(they are all OEM if that makes any difference?)

From looking at this forum, the Samsung seems to be quite popular: any specific reason?

On an Australian forum i visit , the Pioneers are very popular. Previously, the BENQs were also very popular (but i think they arent made anymore…)

I only use 8x DVD-R anyway (have 100 TYG02 TYs)

I am not making this as a recomendation, but just letting you know my personal experience. For a while now I have been scanning with my SH-S162L (TS08), preferred over the Lite-On LH-20A1S that I used to have. I scan SL @8X & DL @4X & have been very happy with it scanning. I could also use my SH-S182D (SB06), which I haven’t used a lot at all since I got it, but did a couple of Dvd+R burns on the weekend that shocked the he11 out of me which I will post. Finally there is the talk of the town, the SH-S203B (SB01), which I just picked up today, didn’t do the first burn on my rig, but burned a TDK Dvd-R 16X @16X & then scanned it with the SH-203B (SB01).

Alright, I have never scanned dvds before so i am new to this.

To be honest, i am just after a good dvd burner that will burn well and scan well.

If a good scanner is a must I’d stick to LiteOn. Samsung drives are a mixed bag scanning wise, some gives results on par with other burners, some are way off. Depending on the LiteOn some will scan jitter as well, which low jitter can be key for some players and possibly long term durability. So far my LiteOn 20A1P has out burned my Sammy 203B, without enabling any of the LiteOn tools.


So it’s either a Lite-On or a Samsung… (i assume the latest models for both).

Which one should i get? I want it to be able to burn well and scan well.

If you need/want jitter scanning, you should get a LiteOn 20A1* series drive.
The older 6S series (e.g. 165P6S) is even better for scanning IMO, but they are hard to get and probably not as good at burning as the 20A1 series.

The newer LiteOn 20A3* series drives don’t report jitter when scanning - at least not with current firmware, and the Samsung drives also don’t report jitter.

I have a LiteOn LH-20A1P that I will use for DVD scanning, when/if my LiteOn SHM-165P6S stops working properly.

If you want a REAL scanner, buy a BENQ 1640, 1650, 1655 or Plextor 716, 755, 760. The Lite-On is just better than nothing.

The fact that BenQs give results that don’t agree with their own TRT or any other scanning drives on a fairly frequent basis should be ignored I guess? My BenQs have been disagreeing with my Liteys a decent bit recently and so far at different times each are wrong judging by the way the discs play in other drives. BenQs don’t like discs from certain burners and in my experience flat out don’t like some media(despite other drives reading and writing to it well). I recently had some burns from my 203B that my 1640 scanned nicely that weren’t even recognized in other drives. BenQs are nice for scanning CDs and can actually complete DL jitter scanning, but if you want an unbiased scanner buy a LiteOn. BenQ burns scanned in my 6S give about the same PIE/PIF and jitter as when scanned in a Benq, other than that they tend to be different to varying degrees.
There’s also the fact that BenQ burners aren’t made anymore and were disappearing before LiteOn took them over(1670 and DQ60 weren’t exactly great drives), although you can sometimes find them left over somewhere.

Mediatek Lite-ONs are no more useful a scanner than a Nexperia BenQ IMO. If you want a true unbiased scanner, get a professional analyzer :wink: (and win the jackpot at vegas to pay for it :stuck_out_tongue: )

I guess the Plextor 716, 755, 760 are the only choice for scanning.

See my post above.

I have both a Plextor PX-712A and a PX-760A and I only use them for scanning DVDs when I want to thoroughly investigate a new burner/media combination.

I trust the Plextor DVD scans more than LiteOn and BenQ scans, but they are far too slow for everyday scanning since they scan at 2x and scan for PIE/POF, PIF/POF and Jitter/Beta in three different tests, taking 1½ hours to perform a test that you could do in a LiteOn drive in 10-15 minutes (or even faster using high-speed scanning or Quick Scan).

It’s possible to perform high-speed scans with Plextor drives, but that requires using unofficial tools like e.g. PxScan and for the PX-760/755 that also requires use of unofficial firmware.

Scanning CDs is a different matter, but I won’t post about it here unless the original poster asks me to.

How about if I ask you to. I’m interested in hearing what current DVD drives do well for CD scanning.

[QUOTE=geekrule;1906048]If you want a REAL scanner, buy a BENQ 1640, 1650, 1655 or Plextor 716, 755, 760. The Lite-On is just better than nothing.[/QUOTE]

LOL “real” scanner? A “real” scanner would be something professional, costing you more than a small car :stuck_out_tongue:

I have both BenQ and LiteOn drives and am more used to LiteOn scans.

[QUOTE=gilby;1915021]How about if I ask you to. I’m interested in hearing what current DVD drives do well for CD scanning.[/QUOTE]

None in current production are excellent in this matter. Only Plextor (Sanyo chipset)/BenQ (Nexperia chipset) DVD writers had full reporting for CD.