Which burner can check the PIE/PIF of DVD-RAM?

I’m a lover of DVD-RAM in Korea.

Because of this, I want to know the burning quality of DVD-RAM media.

However, my liteon SOHW-1693S and LG GSA-4163B,

Pioneer DVR-109BK cannot check the PIE/PIF of DVD-RAM media.

Therefore, I’d like to buy another DVD burner.

Please recommend one in order to buy.

Thanks in advance.

Based on the asssumption that the drive needs two features: the ability to scan and the ability to read DVD-RAM, I would say the only current drive that has these abilities is the Pioneer 109, scanning with DVDInfo Pro. I have never tried this but those who have used this software on this drive have said the results are poor. If I were you I would wait for a Liteon Super-Multi drive and see what people say about its RAM scanning abilities.

One thing to consider. There are only 2 real makers of RAM that I would consider and only one I can really find anywhere. LG is the only real consideration for a burner as Panasonic never updates firmware. Given this, scans are not helpful. No matter what the scan would show, I would have no choice of different media or drive to try to improve the burn. By the end of the year there will be 3-4 more Super-Multi burners so things will change.

I am currently using Pioneer 109, however, and the checking quality isn’t reliable at all. Thanks anyway.

PI/PIF really don’t exist in RAM reading. If you want to “test” a disc, run the verify option in InCD. The Panasonic driver also has disc checking utilities.