Which burner burns RW media best?

i hope u forgive me for posting this question if an answer is already hidden somewhere in this huge forum that i couldn’t find.
I need a dvd writer to burn only CD-RWs & DVD-RWs. i mostly use the so called " packet writing " UDF for RW disks. I don’t need any “r” disks no matter how cheap or how fast they are! To hell with single layer “r” disks, my usage don’t require those.
Please advice which writer burns both cd & dvd-RW disks best.
2nd question
I initially had my eyes set on Pioneer DVR-110 for its combination of high speed Dual Layer and dvd-RWs but after reading a post in this forum which said “ Pioneer DVR-110 sucks! ”, i was grately disappointed. That thread thought me a lesson that optical drive manufacturer specs don’t mean a darn thing! But does DVR-110 support bitsetting?
The other drive that capture fascination on paper is Panasonic LF-M821 which appears to be jack-of-all-trade, at least, on paper anyway but can it do the job its specifications advertise?
hmm, i’m only searching for the best RW media burner with (b) support for bitsetting.
Can Panasonic LF-M821 do the job its resume claims to be capable of?
Pleaz advice which burner can crunch RW media like cheez???

It supports Bitsetting actually only for +R DL by standard. That DL media is set to DVD-ROM to improve compatibility.
The Benq 1640 seem to be a superb (really!) drive, it should support bitsetting too.
Just check one of the reviews.

yeah, there’s no doubt Benq is a good burner with good firmware support but experts on this board emphasize that Benq is a positive +machine.
It can do some negative disks but may be unreadable in stand alone players.
I need a negative -RW burner to do the dirty work for my existing stand alone players.
please suggest a negative burner that can properly burn both cd-RW and dvd-RW and also capable of both positive-negative DL
Has anyone tested Panasonic LF-M821 or have some idea about its performance?

Pleaz help!!!
I still haven’t found best burner solution for both negative DVD-RW and CD-RW media.
The suggestion to buy Benq is ok but Benq is positive ++media expert. It has trouble with negatives. Which writer is good at negative –RW media for both dvd and cds?

Things like CD+RW doesn’t exist. CD (thank god!) came only in one “style” over us.
Usually drives from Pioneer will handle -R/RW media best, for obvious reasons.

If you know which brand/speed you’ll use, then have a look at videohelp.com
You should find useful comments & infos there.

I am happy to see somebody speaking about this new drive

The only test of this new Panasonic LF-M821JD I know about
was published recently [on August 24th to 27th]
by the “samuraï” YSS
Here is a “very bad english” babelfish link (you can hopefully access to 12 pages of tests from this link):

I have seen no DVD RW media at all burned in these extensive tests.

My interest was to see how it burns at the speed of 5X CLV
a 5x certified Panasonic DVD-RAM disc with cartridge of type 2.
See here:
in babelfish english:

I am in Europe and I like to buy this drive, but I cannot find one at the moment !!
Do you have any idea where and when this Panasonic LF-M821 will be available to a good price ?


I stopped definitively using packet writing software to save precious data

I use now a DVD-RAM disk formated like a HDD in FAT 32 and I copy the data to the disk only by click and drop through the Windows Explorer.
This possibility is native in XP not in 98 SE (there are some issues I am not able to explain here between the operating system and DVD-RAM’s if they formated in Fat 32 or the format UDF version ?)
From time to time I save the data by burning them on a other DVD-RAM in multisession using Nero. So the reading of this second DVD-RAM is indepenent from Windows and the DVD-RAM driver native or installed .
This way my data are readable on almost any computer.

All my precious software and data are stored that way (I have also a backup on an external HDD).
The only limitation is that you have to use a DVD-ROM adrive which is able to read DVD-RAM to transport the information on a other computer (some Toshiba DVD-ROM and Pioneer DVD burners can read DVD-RAM)

A the moment I do that using a LG 4163B burner which was almost the only good all around and 5x DVD-RAM burner one on the market. But this burner is not able to burn DVD-RAM with a cartidge.
I am am looking forward to use this Panasonic LF-M821 drive which is able to burn DVD-RAM’s with cartridge: no dust, fingerprints and scratches anymore on the disc !!

If you are concerned about how safe DVD-RAM is I suggest you read
" Study says DVD-RAM provides safest bet for data storage "
and this:
" Think twice before you write once "