Which burner better [BENQ 1640 vs. NEC 4551a]

Which burner better [BENQ 1640 vs. NEC 4551a]

i m planning to buy a new DVD burner recently…then what i m interested are this 2 model : [BENQ 1640 vs. NEC 4551a]

but i feel headache that which 1 should i go for because both of these burner have their own advantages.

like BENQ 1640, although it can’t burn DVD-RAM, but still got many ppl buying it n makes a good rating…

meanwhile, NEC 4551a ,The drive uses the same NEC D6364 chipset that is found in the previous model, the ND 3540, which is known for its good burning quality. The specific chipset can also be found in Pioneer’s latest burners, the DVR-110 and DVR-110D.

most of my friends using BENQ 1640 and said that the burner not bad. however, i saw ppl in another forum said that, if quality, NEC better than BENQ, but if speed, BENQ better than NEC…

m i rite???

i need ppl here to help me choose either i shall go for NEC 4551a with LabelFlash or BENQ 1640…


BenQ 165x

Reading both reviews (on different sites) would clear all things up here.

i go thru the reviews already but i still very blur on it…can anyone that used before could tell me which 1 better???

i need the burning quality…

Depends on the USED MEDIA.

OK, if you want to use mostly DL media get the 4550, if you do mostly single layer and will never use RAM get the 1640/1655. I have all 3 and thats the way they work for me.
The 1655 still wont make a DL that doesnt skip a bit in my pickiest player either, all my others dont care which unit made it as long as the disk is fairly good.

ic, then i will go for the NEC 4551a …haha…thx anyone here…

can the 4551a or 1640/1650 decode EFM?

Review… reading… it… can… help…

I was trying to decide between Pioneer 110, NEC 4551 and Benq DW1650. I didnt get the pioneer because it was too slow. I didnt get the Benq because it didnt do dvd ram or disc labelling, and it was more expensive than the NEC.

So I decided on teh NEC :smiley:

Pio slower than the NEC, ha ha ha. Good joke.

I have both drives and I like both.
You should really read the reviews and decide for yourself which one you prefer…

i just want one that can decode EFM and is good for burning things in general. i got a Sony 710A which burns fine but can’t do Safedisc 3 or EFM-decoding.

pio 111 ???

Pioneer 111

Doesnt the Pioneer have slower read speeds?
eg for cds, NEC is 48x, Pioneer is 40x
cd-rw, NEC is 40x, Pioneer is 32x
DVD+/-R; for NEC its 16x, whereas Pioneer is 12x
DVD+/-RW; for NEC its 12x, Pioneer is 8x

Or are these speeds not indicative of their real timed speeds?

Hi :slight_smile:
I can’t comment on cd’s. Not sure if I can remember what they are. :bigsmile:
However AFA dvds’ go.With latest f/w + QuietDriveUtility. Setting set for performance, not only would I say that the Pioneer is at least equal. IMHO it has the edge. This is carried over the the writing aspect too. A close call, but for me the Pioneer shaves it allround.
The BenQ 1650/1655 is better than the Nec 4551 too.
If your going to get a Nec, get the 4571.

so you mean the latest firmware for the pioneer increased read speeds?
heh damn :frowning: The pioneer has the best looking face too (other than the non-existent green stripe benq 1655)

This is a pic of an A11XL(B).
The DVR-111/D looks different.

Do not forget the Pioneers also do not do bitsetting. :disagree: