Which burn would you prefere?

Just got a new LG 4167 (fw: DL12).
Here’s a comparison between the LG and my Benq 1640 BSLB.
The LG has lower PIF but higher Jitter, so which one would you use for this media?


There is a peak of PIF just before the 1.5GB mark in the scan of the disc burned on your BenQ drive, and this peak probably contains several hundred PIFs.

If this is due to a flaw in the disc or is the result of dust or other surface defects, then I would say that the BenQ burn is marginally better than the LG burn.

But if this PIF peak is caused by your BenQ burner, then I’d say that the LG definitely did the better job.

Ups…completely wrong BenQ-scan! :o

In that case the BenQ has a little less PIE and a little more PIF and slightly better Jitter.

I’d say in practical terms there is no difference at all between the quality of those burns - both are excellent.

Thank you! :flower:
Excellent are both - I know. :wink:
The LG belongs to a friend of mine and I have the possiblity to play around with it a while. I have been thinking about buying the LG for a long time and now I see the results are very close those of my BenQ.
So I’m not sure if buying the LG is worth it…

I like the PIE/PIF results of the LG very much but I worry about the higher jitter…

Between: here are all my LG scans: