Which Burn Speed?

I was wondering what burn speed would be best for a music cd? The cd’s im going to be burning will be for a local band and was wondering if i should just burn them at max(i have 8 burners so it shouldn’t take to long) or slow them down? If i slow them down how will it be different besides the time it takes to complete burning them?

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The usual recommendation from experienced members here is to burn audio CDs at 16x.

I usually burn either at 16x or 32x - not often higher than 32x. I think I get better results with 16x though, depending on the media.

The General rule-of-Thumb is to burn at 1/2 the rated speed of the CD’s. So if your CD’s are rated for 48x, then a burn speed of 24x would be good. I don’t know why or how somebody came up with this notion. So take it with a grain of salt. Oh, BTW, I usually use 16x speed.

For audio - 16x works well for me, and for data CD, 32x.


Yes, for audio CD-Rs, then the general concensus is to write them at 16x to get low jitter values for compatibility with as much stand-alone players as possible. Data CD-Rs have a third layer of error correction besides the two C1 and C2 stages of CIRC, so they can safely be burned at a higher speed like e.g. 32x.

CU, Martin.