Which bridge chip for FW800 / Burner?

I’m resigned to paying over $100 for an external FW800 enclosure, but I would really like to get one that is THE MOST compatible with ANY KIND (U-pick) of interface to the ODD.

Shouldn’t I be able to get something that works if I’m flexible like that?

I have one Oxford 912 enclosure, and it is only reading from the ODD. Craps out soon as you try to write anything.

Then you’ve got a host of other oxford chips, like the 922/924(?)/934 …

With the 934 you can attach the enclosure using either SATA or Firewire or USB. The internal devices I’ve seen connect via SATA, which is fine, since I have plenty of SATA ODDs.

But what “just works” with FW800 / ODD?

I want the FW800 capability for two reasons: FW is a more SCSI-ish design that does a better job of offloading work from the processor. Probably why Mac liked it.

The other thing is the ability to daisy-chain multiple drives on the same adapter. Get more done with fewer slots / ports, etc.

Thanks in advance for your experiences.