Which brands of DVD media are good for everyday use? [2006-2007]

Which brands of DVD media would you recommend for everyday use, based on your own experience?

You can select all the brands that you think qualify as good for everyday use - multiple choices are possible.

Most brands of DVD media have several types and speeds and may also use different manufacturers, so all media of a certain brand may not be equally suitable for the same purpose or for the same DVD recording device.

If you select the “Other” option, please make a post to explain your choice.

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I voted for Verbatim/MCC. It’s not necessarily the absolute 100% best disc out there, but they’re cheap and they’re extremely reliable in general.

Just to make things clear:

You can select multiple brands in this poll if you want to recommend more than one brand!

You don’t have to limit yourself to a single brand in this poll - unless you want to.

There are so many.
Fuji, HP, Infiniti, Maxell, Panasonic, Philips, Plextor, Ricoh, Sony, TY/That’s, TDK, Verbatim/MCC…
(Of course I would not pick all discs from all brands, for example I would avoid MIA Sony, or Ritek G05 by Maxell.)

Yeah…multiple choice :cool:

I voted: Imation, HP, and Prodisc.

Waits for all the Prodisc-haters to slap me

It’s rather difficult to vote, because some brands sell many different mediacodes.

I voted for philips, ricoh (with mediacode ricohjpn), sony, tdk (again not all mediacodes), and verbatim (not pearl white series)

So by everyday use I guess you mean decent quality, cheap for give aways or friends? If so then I vote for Gigastorage, Daxon, LG MID, CMC and Prodisc.
For archival and collection purposes then I vote for MCC, MXL and TY.

Isn’t this akin to asking drivers which brand of tires is good for everyday use, without specifying what ‘good’ means?

Anyway, my vote is for Falken. :slight_smile:

I suppose ppl wouldn’t use it for everyday purpose if it didn’t work. Bascally anything that works and you’d buy again - even perhaps recommend to others :slight_smile:

I voted for the best media that I can find here (Bosnia) - and that’s Verbatim.

Benq ± 16X discs are very good and they are cheap.
Pozdrav komsija! Probaj Benq diskove 16X ako naletis na njih, dobri su a jeftiniji od Verbatima.

well since the general thing in here is saying “Taiyo Yuden” disks and “Verbatim” disks in general for long term quality im going to vote for those :wink:

i also voted for FujiFilm dvd’s to since i got some of those from like 3 years ago and they still got good burn results from a scan in nero’s disc quality check.

I think that BenQ discs you talking about are actually Daxon. Their price in Banja Luka is the same as for Verbatim.

They should be cheaper, but in HGspot BL they are too expensive. They sell them in ZG for about 17 KM for 25 pack spindle, and here for about 21 KM. In my burners, Nec 3500 and Sony DW-D22A, they burn better then Verbatim ±16X, although i burn them on lower speed, 6X,8X and 12X. Yes, they are Daxon made.

I have had the most consistent success with Maxell regardless of speed. In fact after trying many different brands I never buy anything else.
In regards to this survey, how are the percentages calculated? It looks like
the total is something around 200%

Burners - BENQ 1640 x 2
Lite On 832 x 2

In this poll you can vote for multiple brands, and that’s why the total sum is larger than 100%.

Currently the sum is 252%, which means that on average people have voted for 2.5 brands.

I just go for Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R for all single-layer burns & Verbatim DVD+R DL for DL burns (non archive, just film/image/ISO burning). Kills my archival & ‘everyday’ burning birds with one stone.

Stabs Arachne in her furry behind with pitchfork :bigsmile:

Anyways, not a real big fan of Prodisc and since I live in the US I can really only justify Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim purchases anymore (at least for DVD media). They are just too affordable to bother with anything else.

OW! shoves Jester’s pitchfork somewhere painful :bigsmile:

Hehe, actually my opinion of Prodisc DVD media has down down a bit since rescanning and TRT’ing some year-old ProdiscF02 that I have. They don’t stand up as well as the CMC MAG. E01 that I have from the same period.

When it comes to price\reliability\speed, my vote goes for Verbatim all the way, cheap (as far as it goes with high quality media).

Burned over 300 Verbatim medias all between 97-99 quality scans (some 92 but only some), and all are burnt at 16X.