Which brands Audio CD-R anno August 2007 combine low error rate with durability?

I’d like to record 500 hours of music on CD-R Audio, with a standalone recorder. I don’t want initial quality loss and I want the recorded cd’s to be normally read in 2020. Price is no issue. What should I buy and why and where. The CD-R’s Audio I can buy here in Eindhoven are: Philips (made by Ritek), TDK (made by Moser Baer), Sony (made by Sony, in Austria), and Verbatim, Maxell and Fuji (not bought yet).

I am not a cd-freak (I’d rather like reel-to-reel tapes). I just want to buy a good and reliable recording medium.

Thanks for relevant reactions.

Antonius G.

I personaly would suspect you’d have the best success with Verbatim, but that’s only speculation. Keep in mind, fellow freaks, Antonius is using a standalone CD recorder, and will therefore only be able to use “Audio” CD-R’s!


I don’t see a lot of Audio CD-R in stores, but Verbatim Audio CDs (Made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden) should be among the best you can get.

I’ve got some Sony Music ones here which are TY, but I suspect they’re only available in North America (which is where mine were sent from).

Are the Verbatim ones you can get the “Live It!” ones? If so, they may be Made in Japan, and also Taiyo Yuden.

Even if they’re not Made in Japan, I think I’d still pick the Verbatim ones.

You asked about places to buy from, have you tried www.svp.co.uk? They might ship to the Netherlands. :slight_smile:

I would also guess the Maxell ones are Ritek, as the Maxell Audio CDRs here in the UK are Ritek-made.

Thanks for the advices! I’ll try the Verbatim and 'll post my experiences with it.