Which brands are the best to use to label DVDs



and how do Memorex labels compare? Also what about the “stompers” are there differant ones and are there any that work better than others?


Have you read the following thread in the [I]Blank Media[/I] forum?

[B]Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware![/B]

I suggest you use printable discs, LightScribe discs, Labelflash discs, depending on your needs and on whether you have a printer that can print directly on DVDs and on whether you have LightScribe or Labelflash capable DVD burners.

I strongly recommend staying away from using paper labels that you attach to CDs and DVDs.



I’ve been using these labels for quite some time now, with no problems…they arent paper…but to each their own


If you’re going to use labels, Memorex is about as good as you can get. But I do agree with printing directly onto the disc if possible.