Which brand of CDROM or DVDROM should I get

Hi all,

I am new to this forum and I am so happy to found a a site which talk about CD and DVD.

I have a problem to decide which brand of CDROM or DVDROM should I get.

I copy a lot of video from VCD to harddisk for further edit. But a lot of times, I cannot copy the whole VCD to harddisk. I tired both CDROM and DVDROM, I found DVDROM read better than CDROM. I can copy more VCD to harddisk if I use DVDROM.

I would like to know can any recommand a good CDROM or DVDROM to me so that I can copy most of my video to harddisk? Or is there any software which can easily image or copy a whole disk? Thanks.

Well , that must be the most mindboggling thing i’ve seen today.

A DVD player that copies more capacity of VCD’s than a cd rom player.

a VideoCD is nothing more than a data cd , slightly modified (more bits per sector and 2 sessions) . and i think it’s a fair suggestion that ANY cdrom player of the last years can read VideoCd’s.

A DVD player however has a better laser than a cdrom player and therefore might read badly damaged discs BETTER , but it will certainly not get more data out of it.

Overall … concerning your question i’d say go for a DVD rom player , it can read everything a normal cd player can , plus DVD’s. Which can be a handy feature for the future. And they’re not that expensive anymore.

Thanks Mr. Belvedere.

Do you think a SISC CDrom can read better than DVDROM? It seems that no many people sell or buy SISC CDrom anymore.

Yes, I just got a Liteon DVDROM, it copy the data from CDROM to hardisk very fast. It’s much faster than the CTX DVDROM. But still, it cannot read some of the disks. I really have no idea why. I used badcopy to recover the data, some works and some don’t work. I also tired to use Nero to copy the whole track to hardisk, again, some work and some don’t work.

Is there any software or other method that I can reover the data in a CD?

You can try using CD Check.


Thanks OlympusXP.

I just used cdcheck and I can reover the .dat file fom cdrom to harddisk. I tired other methods before but none of them work, I tired some software which is solely for reovery and don’t work too. I don’t know why this software work but it’s powerful.


Yep. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you solved your problem.