Which brand of blank DVD for ps2 backup

I have a chipped (messiah) PS2 ver 3. I think I found somewhere that I have to use DVD-R media to make backups , but I’m not sure. Is there a special brand that I have to use? I didn’t buy a DVD recorder yet, but I think I’ll buy a Plextor dual format.


I’m new at this too but hope this helps:

My ps2 is modded (magic) as well and i have recently bought a Lite-On LDW 411S DVD-r. I ve had tried several discs and have found that my best chances are using Nero 6 to ‘DVD-Copy’ on Sentinel 4x -R discs which seem to do ok with ps2 games. However i ve had problems with a few titles and could not back up at all.

My advice: Go for a fancy DVDr machine. This will save you trouble with incompatibility issues on media and software. The plextor drive sounds ok.

all the best

Hi Antitax

I think most DVD burners will do the backup of PS2 games OK, I use a LDW 411S and it work OK , I haven’t noticed any differents between the backup or the original . I found the best brand of Disks is TDK DVD+R and Ricoh DVD+R but in your country some other brand should works just as good , Some people have told me DVD+R media loads faster and works better then DVD-R on the PS 2 ,

Another US 411s user here. My PS2 is a version 7 motherboard. I have been using Verbatim Datalife (made in Taiwan) -R discs. These are CMC Magnetics disks. They work perfectly for PS2 games. They are CRAPPY disks, but they work for the games.

For movies the CMC Magnetics disks suck. I am using Ritek G4s for movies.

If you want to hear something weird, listen to this. If I put a game on a G4 disk, the playstation says, “insert a playstation disk”. If I put it on the CMC Magnetics disk, they work.

That sounds fine. However, the error rates on the CMC Magnetics are in the 600-700 PI range and the error rates on the G4s are in the 8-10 range.

Also, if I put a movie on a G4 is plays perfectly in the PS2 and my stand alones. If I put a movie on the CMC Magnetics, it skips on both the PS2 and the stand alones.


So I use crappy disks for PS2 ames and they work. I use good disks for movies and they work.

Hope that helps.

thanx for the info its been a good help with backing up my little girls disks :slight_smile: