Which brand media is best?

Hi! I’m new to this forum and have a question. Which brand of DVD-R’s are best? I need to pick some up in the next day or two at staples, walmart, etc.

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If you’re shopping in Staples or Walmart, look for anything with “Made in Japan” (MIJ) on the pack or cakebox.

Failing that, grab some Verbatim :slight_smile:

US members should be able to advise you further :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome to CDF, Jesse :bigsmile:

Edit: BTW, what burner do you have? Some burners like specific media, although Verbatim is an excellent all-rounder.

Thanks for the quick reply! :smiley:
I have a HP Lightscribe DVD writer. Is HP any good?


I’m all about Verbatim 16x DVD media. :slight_smile:

If I get say verbatim 16x dvd-r and burn it at 4x, will the quality look as good if I got verbatim 4x dvd-r’s and burned it at 4x? Just examples.

Thanks for all the help!, :slight_smile:

[B]Jesse[/B], it’s not that easy to get 4x Verbatims these days.

Not all modern 16x burners will burn DVD media as well at slower speeds as they will at medium and higher speeds, and I don’t know if your HP drive will burn the 16x Verbatims well at 4x. For most drives you will get best results with 16x meda if you burn at 8x or 12x. Slower isn’t always better and sometimes it’s worse.

If you have to buy at the local stores, for me it is Verbatim. I would much rather live with 8X Verbs than 16X of any other brand at the local department store. In an emergency I have had to resort to Sony with pretty good luck.

Now on-line is different. My first choice on-line is Taiyo Yuden (TY) with Verbatim second.


Use Fuji, Sony made in Japan and Verbatim made in Taiwan.

Thanks everybody!

This is my burner:
LightScribe 2.4x Double Layer DVD+R; 16x4x16 DVD+R; 8x4x16 DVD-RW; 40x24x40 CD-RW Drive

Is it good? What speed DVD-R should I get for best quality? And what speed should I burn it at? :frowning:


Jesse, can you tell us the exact model name of your HP?

You can find it under DVD/CD-ROM drives in Device Manager (see pic) :slight_smile:

What is the brand name of your writer?, the spects look old drive, you can use DVD+/-R with 8X, 16X from named brands and burn them at 12X or 8X.

Disk Name Brands mean nothing! Use freeware DVD Identifier to see who actually manufactured your disks and stay with the ones that work for you.

DVD Identifier

Use Freeware ImgBurn 2.0 for burning, it is more reliable than Nero. ImgBurn was developed by the author who developed DVD Decrypter.



That was under device manager. Is that what you’re looking for?

It shouldn’t be old, I just bought the computer six months ago.


16x Verbatim should be just fine, then - I tend to burn mine at 12x, though :slight_smile:

So, if I get 16x verbatim and burn it at 8x, is that the absolute best quality I can get with this burner and any dvd-r? Sorry if I sound stupid :o

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I’d burn them at 12x :slight_smile:

Burn one thing at 8x, 12x, and 16x. See which is best for YOU.
The ‘absolute best quality’ depends on what you think of it. (But burning at, or one below the rated speed will get 99% of the votes.)

I asked some other places and they say that I should burn no faster than 4x for a quality burn. Why? Does it depend on the drive?


Yes, and the burn slow is always better is a myth that refuses to die.

Many combinations of high-speed drives and highspeed media will burn (slightly) worse at 4x than at higher speeds.

That’s a myth. Granted, some crappier media is best burned at slower speeds, but with quality media, either at the rated speed or one notch below (in the case of 16x media) is usually fine.

As c@tbyte said, it depends on the combination of burner and media though in some cases. For example, I have some 16x media made by CMC that burns better at 8x, and even then only on my NEC drive. :slight_smile: