Which brand is best for 716a?

  • plextor 16x (yuden000t3)
  • verbatim 16x (mcc004)
    something else? (e.g. verbatim 8x,mcc003)

speed doesn’t really mather…
oh yeah…it’s for burning video.used to buy -R but experienced that +R with bitsetting is better for compatibility reasons

All three should usually give excellent results, although I have only tried the 8X variety of Plextor DVDs. As with all media, quality is somewhat variable - some 16X Verbatim and 8X DVD+R Plextor turned out to be problematic for me (high PIF rates, some up to 5000 total), while others from the same spindle were stellar. I usually burn at 6x or 8x, so they weren’t even overspeeded. The most consistency I have found with the 8X Verbatim +R, every one I burned so far turned out to be excellent (usually PIF total <300), but others may have different experiences. My guess is that quality variation within a brand of the three you mentioned is probably greater than among them, so it probably doesn’t matter which you choose.

My Plextor loves YUDEN000T02 and MCC003, burning them at 8X. I have not tried the newer YUDEN000T03 and MCC004 media.

MCC004 is the media of my choice. I’ve never tested YUDEN000T03, but some people in this forum say it’s not that good.

If you use MCC004, don’t burn it at 16x. I get really great results at 12x.

I’m using both MCC004 and Yuden000T03 here and both are fine media. However 16x puts quite a strain on them (no surprise there). Since i prefer quality to speed i do like Lord Voldemort and restrict myself to 12x, sometimes even 8x. I’m rewarded with excellent results each time.

If some people have come to the conclusion that Yuden000T03 are not so good then i think that is partially because expectations for Yuden media are extremely high. However not even Yuden can work miracles at a speed that stresses the technologies litmits (i.e. 16x speed).

I have posted this in blank media, but it seems I should have posted it here:
Hi there, I’m new here, and learning a lot of things, thx.
Here is my question (my excuses if it is an stupid question):
I have just purchased a Plextor PX-716A. I planned to burn movies using DVD-R, since my home DVD reader is a Pioneer (part of a Pioneer home theater system), but it seems bitsetting DVD+R media would offer more reliable results.
Is that your advice ? or I keep on DVD-R ?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Pioneer usually has no problems reading DVD+R no matter what book type applies.

surg is right,in fact most of recent DVD-players play +R and -R.some cheap players however have problems with recorded discs.that is one the reasons why I set the booktype to DVD-ROM.

And ofcourse xbox and ps2 (non-modded)

I use Taiyo Yuden 8X and verbatim 16X (mccoo4) get the best results burning both at 12X.

I’ve got excellent results with the 16x Plextor disks. Some Sum8 scans look like Sum1’s although they have been burnt at 16x.